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  • A distinctive day out

Fjord Serenity

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Adult 13 and older
Child 12 and younger

Wild Norwegian Fjords!

Visit Norway’s Grand Fjord (Storfjord), where the surging north Atlantic Ocean meets the majestic Sunnmøre Alps, where a giant ravine-like fjord carries the surging ocean inland banked by steep sheer walls that give way to towering peaks.

We feel small in our sea kayaks as we glide out onto the fjord waters and the overwhelming majesty of our surroundings hits us with a view like a painted canvas of deep blue water, lush green forests giving way to chiseled rocky peaks, and an endless blue sky with wisps of white. Here, the history and culture of a rugged mountain people and the waterways that connected them come alive as we paddle these majestic waterways.

The coastal waters of western Norway boast some of the best sea kayaking on the planet. Here outer islands break the surge of the North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea.

Our kayaks glide effortlessly as we explore to fjord waters; we search out a little know the sport to land for a delicious picnic lunch before slipping back on the water.

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