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  • The Ultimate Combo

Bike & Kayak in Ålesund

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Adult 13 and older
Child 12 and younger

Bike & Kayak Ålesund’s Islands – City Roads & Waterways!

We cruise over the cobblestone covered streets, uncovering intricacies of Ålesund’s Art Nouveau architecture, passing churches and crossing bridges. Riding the length of Asp Island, we cross Steinvåg Sound and make a right heading out around the outer edge of Hessa Island, passing beaches, pasturelands, and historic installations from World War II; with the North Atlantic on our right, we gaze out over the deep blue waters as the indomitable ocean becomes a fjord.

We return to our staging area for a picnic lunch and to gear up for our paddle. We slip into our sea kayaks, glide out onto Borgund Fjord where the sky opens revealing the city skyline, historical buildings, and a spectacular archipelago all chiseled on a seemingly painted backdrop of the majestic Sunnmøre Alps.

The glittering waters of Borgund Fjord beckon us as our kayaks glide over the rippling water. We explore a magical string of islands along the north shore before crossing to the southern shore with its intricate maze of islands, and its infinite sky. Sitting low in the water, gazing at this magnificent picture humbles the most seasoned traveler.

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