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Sea Kayaking Norway – 8 Days Sea Kayaking in Lofoten Islands

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Kayaking in the Lofoten Islands

We chose the Lofoten Islands as the venue for Norway’s first-ever guided sea kayak trip back in the late 1990s. These majestic islands with their surreal location were the perfect place to introduce Norway to adventure travelers; now over 20 years later, our iconic Lofoten Islands sea kayak expedition has become a classic in international sea kayaking destinations; a highly ranked bucket list trip.

These impressively scenic islands form an archipelago, one hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is a place of mystical landscapes illuminated by nearly continuous daylight. Glacially carved, sheer granite spires rise out of a sea made rich by the meeting of the warm Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean.

The islands are fringed with green pastureland and dotted with picturesque fishing villages, each with its own unique character and dramatic mountain backdrop. This is a true Arctic kayaking adventure with the advantage of finishing every day with a hot shower and a warm bed.

Kayak the length of this remarkable chain of islands through indigo-blue fjords cutting between jagged peaks, stopping at white-sand beaches and hiking to viewpoints for incredible panoramic vistas. At the end of each paddling day you’ll stay in a “rorbu,” a traditional fishermen’s lodging. Great kayaking, spectacular scenery and Norway’s seafaring culture make the Lofoten Islands one of the world’s great paddling trips.

Kayak More Tomorrow’s sea kayak specialists were the first to design and lead commercial sea kayak trips in the Lofoten Islands; no one knows these waterways better than us. We are without a doubt the sea kayak tour company with the most guiding days amongst these arctic islands.

KMT’s Iconic Lofoten Islands itinerary has been “copied” by many, but no one has been able to get it just right, so do yourself a favor and paddle with Lofoten’s best sea kayak tour company, Kayak More Tomorrow.

We have departures during June, July, and August. Also, for those who want to paddle the Lofoten Islands during other months or who want our trip designers to create a custom itinerary we are more than happy to accommodate you, just send us an email to [email protected] with your proposed dates and your groups’ details. Please keep in mind that the earlier you send us your request the more likely it is that we can accommodate you.

We are excited to paddle The Iconic Lofoten Islands with you! Book your trip Now, as availability is already limited!

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