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8 Days Summer Solstice & Fjords Multi Sport Trip

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Norway Summer Solstice Adventure

Bike, hike, and paddle for eight days through Western Norway; discover an adventure landscape that will leave you spellbound.

Imagine riding down narrow, winding backroads with lush leafy-green hillsides, slender valleys dotted with pasturelands where lazy livestock graze on the steps of sleepy farm villages and then launch a sea kayak onto a paddlers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, long narrow winding fjords, before hiking rugged mountain trails past ancient huts to grand vistas. This is the essence of a spectacular multi-sport adventure that begins with celebrating the birth of John the Baptist before venturing into the wild fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps.

Our itinerary is a true multi-sport journey; depending on the weather and sea conditions it ranges from an easy to moderate trip rating. The journey begins in Ålesund, where we explore the intricacies of this Art Nouveau city before joining in the festivities celebrating the Birth of John the Baptist. Then we head into the wild fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps to further explore this magnificent playground. Daily distances range from 10 – 50 miles per day and can easily be customized to suit everyone’s desired level.