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Tailored-Made Vacations are a Kayak More Tomorrow Métier.

Personalized trips are always in high demand at Kayak More Tomorrow. Our exceptional guides are in high demand for solo travelers, couples, families, and private groups. Going with a guide is both cost effective and enables you to get more out of your precious holiday time. Our tailor-made trips are one of our best-selling programs so booking well in advance is not only prudent it is necessary.

Kayak More Tomorrow has the longest-running track record operating outdoor trips in Norway and we have essentially designed all the outdoor trips that are offered in Norway today.

Our guides have the very best education and training as well they are have extensive experience, these descriptors have been used by our client in their reviews: KMT guides are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, fun-loving, enthusiastic, have a great sense of humor, quick-thinking, intuitive, dynamic, active, decisive, professional, poised, motivated, empathetic, authentic, hardworking, inexhaustible, creative, flexible, and inspirational.

We have created and led hundreds of memorable tailor-made holidays along Norway’s Western Fjord, in the Lofoten Islands and up and down Helgeland’s Coast. Contact us today and begin the process of creating a completely unique holiday for you or your family.


Fancy sea kayaking Norwegian fjords, archipelagos and sounds?

Imagine narrow, winding backroads with lush green hillsides, slender valleys dotted with pasturelands where lazy livestock graze on the steps of sleepy farm villages,  jade green fjords, paddlers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, long narrow winding fjords, rugged mountain trails, ancient huts, and grand vistas. This is the essence of an outdoor vacation in the spectacular Norwegian countryside.

Norway’s Western Coastline boasts some of the best sea kayaking on the planet, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, crackling campfires, and cozy tents.

Here outer islands break the surge of the North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea.

Have us design your tailed-made outdoor vacation in one of these dramatic settings.

The Western Fjords
Majestic fjords have cut their path deep into the Sunnmøre Alps, creating a surreal landscape that is both awe-inspiring and breathtaking. This is an area of raw natural beauty with snow capped mountains, towering granite walls, thundering waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, flowering fruit trees, and quaint villages tucked into small protective bays. The fjords of Sunnmøre invite to adventure, their charming villages have hosted adventure travelers for generations.

The Lofoten Islands
One of Norway’s best sea kayaking venues. These impressively scenic islands form an archipelago one hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, here jagged peaks are ostensibly embedded in the sea and with the sounds of the Moskenes maelstrom, one of the world’s strongest ocean currents telling Viking sagas and legends of a seafaring people. It is a place of mystical landscapes illuminated by nearly continuous daylight. Glacially carved, shear granite spires rise out of a sea made rich by the meeting of the warm Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean.

The Helgeland Coast
Nordland’s Helgeland Coast is a seemingly endless island world encompassing some 1200 islands, with some only visible at low tide and others towering more than a thousand meters above the sea. The landscape in Helgeland is ceaselessly varied with quaint fishing villages, giant fjords, immense plains, and remote mountain borders it is unspoiled, magnificent, awe-inspiring, and beautiful, the perfect stage for a sea kayak trip.

The Helgeland Coast conveniently divides into two areas, the Southern Helgeland and the Northern Helgeland. Choose an itinerary in either the Southern or Northern Helgeland, we possess the highest expertise in both regions; we have compiled numerous itineraries for a fantastic tailored-made holiday in this magical archipelago perched on the axis of the Arctic Circle.



The Spring and Summer months of May/June/July/August/September are ideal for a Norwegian paddling adventure.

Our sea kayak specialists were the first to design and operate commercial sea kayak trips along Norway’s fjord indented coastline; no-one knows these waterways better than us. Kayak More Tomorrow is without a doubt the sea kayak tour company with the most guiding days on Norwegian coastal waterways.

Click the button below or just send us an e-mail to [email protected] to have one of our sea kayak trip designers work up a custom itinerary for you: And, please remember that it is prudent to book your holiday as early as possible as our guides schedules book full well in advance.

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A Tailored-Make Adventure is the Right Decision!

Let us Design a Magical Paddling Holiday for You!

To perk your imagination, have a quick peak below at some examples of our tailored-made itineraries!
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