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We have the longest-running track record and not only that our people have designed all the outdoor trips offered in Norway. Our guides are the only true outdoor guides working in Norway; they have the most experience, are certified, and internationally accredited.

KMT guides have the best education and are highly trained, these descriptors have been used by our client in their reviews: KMT guide are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, fun-loving, enthusiastic, have a great sense of humor, quick-thinking, intuitive, dynamic, active, decisive, professional, poised, motivated, empathetic, authentic, hardworking, inexhaustible, creative, flexible, and inspirational.

Sea Kayaking the Norwegian Fjords

Norway, a sea kayakers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, crackling campfires and cozy tents.

The coastal waters of western Norway boast some of the best sea kayaking on the planet. Here outer islands break the surge of the North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea.

The fjords of Sunnmøre invite to adventure, their charming villages have hosted adventure travelers for generations.

The Spring and Summer months of May/June/July/August/September are ideal for a Norwegian paddling adventure. Contact us at [email protected], to have our sea kayak trip designer work up a custom itinerary for you. Please keep in mind that the earlier you send us your request the more likely it is that we can accommodate you.

Kayak More Tomorrow’s sea kayak specialists were the first to design and operate commercial sea kayak trips along Norway’s Western Fjords; no-one knows these waterways better than us, as KMT is without a doubt the sea kayak tour company with the most guiding days on the fjords.

Land Costs (from Ålesund): Camping itineraries: € 475 per person per day 
 / Hotel or Inns itineraries: € 675 per person per day.

Choosing a KMT adventure is the right decision!

Quintessential Fjord Paddle!

A magical sea kayak journey, that takes you down Western Norway’s Wild Arctic Fjords, with wild campsites ideally placed on the banks of the fjords or after short hikes up to historic mountain ledge farms with fantastic vistas. 

Ålesund, Norway’s Art Nouveau City; also described as Norway’s cutest city is a great starting point for the World-famous Norwegian Fjords Sea Kayaking Journey. The backdrop for our launching site is Ålesund’s southern harbor, which is speckled with green grassy parks, mountainous islands, a skyline of art nouveau interspersed with modern architecture, lazy marinas and pleasure-crafts bobbing on glistening fjords. Exiting Ålesund’s harbor, a secluded sound leads you out to a unique string of islands running north-east of the city. This intricate archipelago stretches the length of Ellingsøy Fjord and with the sun at your back, we aim our kayaks north-east island-hopping our way down Ålesund’s northern fjord. Gliding stealthily around islands laid out like a string of pearls dotted with abandoned farms, quaint cottages, secret meadows, and beacons bearing an of real maritime heritage.

Navigating the bridges of Skodje County and Solnor Canal takes us to the entrance of the Grand Fjord which has cut its path through the granite and gneiss mountains of the Sunnmøre Alps, creating a surreal landscape that is both awe-inspiring and breathtaking. Formed like canyons with steep granite walls that begin 400 meters below the sea’s surface and reach 1500 meters above, the fjords of western Norway make us feel infinitesimal in our sea kayaks as we paddle this venue of raw natural beauty with snow-capped mountains, towering granite walls, thundering waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, flowering fruit trees, and quaint villages tucked into small protective bays.

Rounding the point at Matvik, marks the entrance to the world’s most photographed fjord, Geiranger Fjord. The rugged beauty is overpowering as we glide down the jade-green waters, feeling small under the towering granite walls that stretch 1500 m above, we paddle towards the end of the fjord passing rushing waterfalls and historic mountain ledge farms perched precariously high; making the final turn, the hamlet of Geiranger rises in front of us marking the end of your journey.