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Kayak More Tomorrow’s Founder, Jonathan Bendiksen is no ordinary waterman, he’s Norway’s most accomplished sea kayak guide with 2480 guiding days on class 1-4 seas along Norway’s fjord indented coastline; is a certified IFSKGIA/NHKGIF Senior Guide & Instructor plus an accredited IFSKGIA/NHKGIF examiner. A pioneer of commercial sea kayaking, legendary trip designer and lead guide who has designed and guided sea kayaks trips from the Lofoten Islands down through the western fjords as far south as Kristiansand.

His unique perspective on the Outdoor Industry comes from over 3 decades designing and leading outdoor adventure trips; he holds an unrivaled insight into Norway’s adventure travel industry. By designing and operating Norway’s first active travel tours he has carved the path for others to follow.

Jonathan has led the Norwegian adventure travel industry from its budding infancy right through to the present day by creating and operating multiple sea kayak centers in country. His pioneering work has had a lasting impact on Norway’s Outdoor Industry. Below is a short synopsis of his achievements in leading Norway’s adventure travel industry.

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Kayak More Tomorrow's Founder
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