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Master Classes


These are My Master Classes

Book Jon for private tutorial sessions, for your family, group, club, or organization. He has a wealth of experience instructing in every educational setting.

Secure your Master Class dates with Jon, a € 300 deposit will secure your dates and the balance of fees will be due upon finalizing your custom Master Class. Let us know what you want to learn or which skills you want perfect, and we will get back to you with a personalized quote!

Master Class – The Art of Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayak Knowledge and Skills

Improve any aspect of your sea kayaking with a private master class. Choose the any skill(s) that you what to progress and arrange a master class with Jon.

Keep it safe!
“I don’t need a lesson; anyone can paddle a kayak…”

  • What will happen if you capsize?
  • What can you do to avoid a capsize?
  • Have you considered the affects of cold water immersion?
  • How about ocean currents?
  • Is seamanship a word you truly understand?
  • What should be considered when paddling in a larger group?

Make it fun!

  • Knowledge dispels fear.
  • Great gear can enhance a trip – but what is great gear?
  • How do you use currents in your favor?
  • How do you determine a great paddling route?

Skill and Efficiency!
Perhaps anyone can paddle a kayak….but

  • How do you paddle a kayak efficiently?
  • How do you use less energy at a greater speed?
  • Can you move sideways – quickly?
  • Can you lean on the edge of your kayak?
  • Why would you want to edge your kayak?
  • Do you know paddle strokes that eliminate the need for a rudder?
  • How about rolling your kayak? It takes practice but what a wonderful self-rescue!
  • Learn proper ways to paddle your kayak.
  • Understand the power of the ocean and the limitations of the craft and yourself.
  • Discover how to make sea kayaking safe and fun.


Master Class  – Creating Magical Day Trips

The Design and Creation of Magical Day Trips

Design and create magical day trips for your company or town.

The Build
Jon will explore your area; design and systemize a day trip.

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