Terms and conditions - Kayak More Tomorrow

Terms and conditions

Credit Card payments are collected by Trekksoft AG acting as an authorised agent of IFSKGIA KMT Guide Bendiksen. Subsequently, Trekksoft AG will appear as KAYAK MORE TOMORROW on your credit card statement.

The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TrekkSoft AG.

KMT's Terms and Conditions - Day Trip

Complete your online registration and payment
Upon completion of your online registration and payment your booking confirmation/ticket will be e-mailed to you directly

The full price of your day trip is due at the time of registration; this will guarantee your booking.

Day Trip Cancellations
Kayak More Tomorrow operates during a short season in Norway. Norway is a wet country and there is a chance that it will rain on the day of your day trip. Therefore, it is a highly recommended that you follow our recommendations on what to wear on a KMT day trip as this will make your day out with us very enjoyable regardless of the weather.

Kayak More Tomorrow does not cancel day trips due to rain. KMT will only cancel a day trip in the event of unsafe paddling conditions; this is always due to the strength and/or direction of the wind.

A substantial cost goes in preparing for our day trips. Therefore, if a client wants to cancel due to rain or any other circumstance KMT will refund your trip fees minus 30%.

Due to the nature of operating in a marine environment, we reserve the right to cancel any day Trip prior to departure due to unsafe sea kayaking conditions; in the rare event that Kayak More Tomorrow must cancel a day trip due to unsafe sea kayaking conditions, Kayak More Tomorrow will refund 100% of the cost of your day trip.