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Kayak More Tomorrow brought guided sea kayak touring to the Norway’s Western Fjords over 20 years ago. No one knows these waters better then us, period. If you haven’t paddled the fjords, then we are your best bet for a fantastic paddling trip on Norway's famous Western Fjords. A ‘Bucket List’ trip for all those traveling to Norway.

Book your Sea Kayak Holiday Trip Today! (Due the nature of our holiday trips and the high level of interest we receive in them we recommend that you book your trip a minimum of 6 months in advance).
We have started taking reservations for our 2020 premier sea kayak holiday trips. E-Mail us today with your preferred trip and dates:

Joining us for a sea kayak tour in Norway is the right decision, as all our tours are completely original and designed by our own trip designers.



Explore the Fjords with KMT

Islands & Lights a 3 Day Paddle Mania! Ålesund's glistening waterways entice and adventure beckons! An Island-Hopping extravaganza to Ona Lighthouse is a paddlers dream.   A Sea kayakers Paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, cracking campfires, and cozy tents. The coastal waters of western Norway boast some of the best sea kayaking on the planet. Here outer islands break the surge North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea. This setting with savvy leaders and fail-safe gear await you on our Ona Light Paddle Mania. This trip is suited for paddlers as it takes you out beyond the shelter of the fjords where we navigate intricate archipelagos, play in rock gardens and spend a few long days rocking and rolling with the swells of the North Atlantic. A unique string of islands run North forming a natural barrier that slows the rushing waters of the Northern Atlantic; with the sun at our backs we aim our kayaks North paddling over open crossings with wacky currents and exhilarating tidal races. Our kayaks glide around outer islands laid out like a string of pearls; dotted with abandoned farms, quaint villages and signaling beacons that shine on treacherous shorelines where ocean swells roll up on pebble speckled white sandy beaches. Home to eccentric islanders and wild woolly sheep these weather-beaten islands lead us to the remotest marker, Ona Light. Navigating rocky islands and shoals when finally, the ‘rising of the light’ and the first glimpse of Ona Light. Feeling like ancient mariners our paddles blaze a path to our destination, this famous lighthouse. A beach front campsite where a delicious supper of local delicacies prepared with natural ingredients is served in the great outdoors. A cracking fire, good company and warming night-cap, rounds off the evening before retiring to a cozy tent for a well-deserved rest.
From EUR 1'485
5 Days Sea Kayaking World Famous Norwegian Fjords - A Bucket List Trip! This Classic Fjords paddle is a must do for every paddler; is well suited for beginners to advanced sea kayakers alike. Join an IFSKGIA certified Guide on a sea kayak/camping journey down Norway’s Wold-Famous Western Fjords. We have guides avaialbe for weekly departures during the summer months of July and August; we provide everything for a fabulous 5 day fully catered paddling & camping trip down Majestic Arctic Fjords.   A marvellous trip with fun-loving professional guides and best of all priced for a 'backpacker's' budget!
From EUR 2'475
Arctic Summer Solstice & Wild Fjords Multi-Sport! Bike, hike & paddle for 8 days through Western Norway; discover an adventure landscape that will leave you spellbound. Imagine riding down narrow, winding backroads with lush green-leafy hillsides, slender valleys dotted with pasturelands where lazy livestock graze on the steps of sleepy farm villages and then launch a sea kayak onto a paddlers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, long narrow winding fjords, before hiking rugged mountain trails past ancient huts to grand vistas. This is the essence of a spectacular multi-sport adventure that begins with celebrating the birth of John the Baptist before venturing into the wild fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps.
From EUR 5'250


We were the first to bring commercial sea kayak touring to Norway in the 1990's!

Guided Sea Kayak Tours is our forte! Kayak More Tomorrow is an International Sea Kayak Tour Company operating in Norway. Arranging exclusive sea kayak holiday trips is our speciality, and now with over 20 seasons on the books, our Norwegian holiday expeditions have been perfected by our attention to detail and over 20 years of operating experience. No other company in Norway even comes close to our level of operating experience; this has made us the go-to company for your sea kayak adventure in Norway.

We are excited to announce our 2020 line-up of exclusive, customized sea kayak holiday adventure trips along Norway’s spectacular coastline.  

Sea kayak Touring is best suited for private groups and individuals, any company offering individual spaces on a sea kayak trip is misleading you, the consumer. Paddling around a bay with a group of sea kayakers is not sea kayak touring.

For sea kayak touring to be enjoyable and safe, groups need to be small and homogenous, which means that everyone should hold the same approximate paddling speed, have similar paddling experience, etc. Therefore, small private groups make most sense when planning a sea kayak trip. At Kayak More Tomorrow, we not only understand this, but have pioneered and perfected sea kayak touring trips for small private groups and individuals.

Kayak More Tomorrow is privileged to have one of worlds’ best trip designers on staff who has designed multiple trips that have become 'classics' and 'bucket list ' trips along the world's most intricate coastlines, so, treat yourself to one of our premier holiday trips or work with our critically acclaimed trip designer and design your own custom paddling holiday adventure.

All our inspiring sea kayak holiday trips provide a unique perspective on both place and culture; are brought to you with North American quality in service, attention to detail, and an outstanding safety record. Featuring postcard-perfect landscapes, snow-capped mountains, high granite walls, waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, wildflowers, crystal clear seas, rocky coves, pine tree fringed beaches and ancient ruins amidst vibrant charming villages; our dedication to excellence & safety with unwavering efforts to make your entire experience state of the art; as well, our wealth of experience gives you, our guest confidence that you will have a superb, worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed holiday with us.


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