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Outfit your Self-Guided Sea Kayak Trip through KMT's Multi-Day Rental Service


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For sea kayak rentals from 2 days and longer - Kayak More Tomorrow's Outfitting Service!

Planning a sea kayak trip - whether for a few hours or a few weeks - requires information! Where do you go? What's a good route? Where are the best campsites? What about currents? What to wear, what to bring, etc. This is where Kayak More Tomorrow comes in!

Kayak More Tomorrow's sea kayak specialists were the first sea kayakers to paddle Norway's coastal waterways; we continue to paddle these waterways every day. This has provided us with an enormous wealth of information on Norway's coastal waters from a sea kayakers point of view, and as well, having operated sea kayak centres in Norway for over 20 years has given us a clear understanding of the needs of sea kayakers paddling this majestic coastline.

Outfit your Self-Guided Sea Kayak Trip with KMT!
We have provided comprehensive route information and outfitted self-guided sea kayakers for over 2 decades along Norway’s coastal waters; your best choice for a hassle-free self-guided sea kayak trip in Norway.

Outfit only what you need! Bring your personal gear and get the rest from us. We have divided up our gear into individual categories so that you can rent only want you need. And, most importantly included in the price is comprehensive route planning, advice and local knowledge from our sea kayak specialists; the cornerstone to success a thorough pre-trip briefing prior to you pushing off the beach. 

Our outfitting service begins with our office staff guiding you as you plan your journey. Then when you arrive at your departure location our sea kayak specialist will hold an in-depth (2-3 hour) briefing on the following:

  • the route – plot out the entire route in detail on a set of maps
  • camp sites – with GPS coordinates
  • fresh water access
  • grocery resupplies
  • climatic and sea conditions
  • tide and current chart with local tips and information
  • weather forecasts
  • paddling with the local tides and currents
  • seamanship and paddle safe information
  • equipment usage and packing

This is what sets us apart from all others operating in Norway! We have amassed the most knowledge, know-how and experience paddling Norway’s coastal waters, and this is what will enable you to have a safe, fun self-guided sea kayak trip.

We have a solid fleet of sea kayaks and related paddling equipment, as well as a full range of camping equipment, including, 4-season tents, micro mattresses, stoves, camp kitchens, etc. And, it has been thoroughly tested in the rugged conditions of the Arctic, our assurance that you are provided with the best gear available for your sea kayak adventure.  Also, as an additional option we can provide a outdoor trip menu and all the groceries needed to make delicious meals on your trip.


Transport Service: (mandatory for all one-way trips on the fjords)

Our transport service gives you endless options when planning your paddling journey on Norway’s Western Fjords; offers you the following benefits:

  • Full flexibility
  • One-way trips
  • Airports transfers

KMT’s vans and trailers are available to pick-up and/or drop-off sea kayaks, equipment, and people along Norway’s Western Fjords.

Transport Service Pricing: Norway is Europe’s most expensive country! And, with the taxation level on vehicles between 150 – 175% of the purchase price, and a 90% tax rate on fuel combined with Europe’s highest wages then, it is going to be expensive to drive in Norway!  To compensate for this, we try to keep our transport service prices at a level that just covers our costs and with the current price of fuel in Norway it works out to about € 1.85 per km.

Norway’s most Popular Self-Guided Trip – Ålesund to Geiranger
A Classic Fjords paddle; a bucket list trip for every paddler! It is a well-suited journey for beginners to advanced sea kayakers alike; our outfitting package will ensure you not only great value but also a hassle-free paddling adventure.

Our Self-Guided Sea Kayak Touring program is very popular. Therefore, it is prudent to reserve you KMT outfitting service well before the paddling season in Norway gets underway. Contact us today, for a worry-free self-guided sea kayak journey along Norway's coastal waterways, from the famous western fjords to the arctic archipelagos of the Helgeland and Lofoten.


Acknowledgement: the price of all Kayak More Tomorrow ‘s Outfitting is based on all participants completing (to KMT’s satisfaction) and signing Kayak More Tomorrow Outfitting Client Details – Term & Conditions – Wavier, Release & Indemnity. 



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Sea Kayak Outfitting



2020, Marks our 22nd Year operating in Norway; we are still unparalleled in every manner of operations, from equipment through paddling information and safety!

Norway, located in the Arctic; its fjord-indented coastline runs along these formidable seas, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea (North Atlantic) and the Arctic Ocean. These oceans bear conditions that are ever changing, multifarious, challenging and at times treacherous. People have died paddling Norway’s coastal waters! Therefore, anyone planning to paddle these waters should be concerned with receiving the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible; this should be your main consideration when choosing an outfitter.

Sea Kayaking is inherently dangerous and in the rapidly changing conditions of the North Atlantic - well it goes without saying that knowledge and experience are big safety factors.

Kayak More Tomorrow has amassed the most in-depth information on paddling Norwegian coastal waters, period. No other company or organization even comes close. Our outfitting program provides you with the most compressive, detailed information on your chosen route, including but not limited to, route details, camping sites, emergency take-outs, fresh water & groceries, current climatic conditions, sea state, tides & currents, tips and recommendations based on our extensive experience paddling Norwegian waterways. Everything you need for a fun, safe, paddle along Norway’s majestic coastline.

We are a sustainable outdoor eco-tour company that operates in Norway, the world’s most expensive country; our trips and tours are designed for those seeking a unique and exclusive program that stands head and shoulders above all others. Therefore, our prices are relatively high, however, make no mistake! We are the only company operating in Norway worth travelling with; you will only pay what it costs for an adventure done right!

Receiving value for your money is rare in Norway; in the tourism industry Kayak More Tomorrow is a rare exception. There is no other sea kayak company in Norway that offers a close comparison of the knowledge, professionalism, and experience of KMT.