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KMT’s Guide School runs from: May 14 through August 26, 2018

Do you dream of changing your profession and immersing yourself in the world of professional sea kayak guiding?

Attend Kayak More Tomorrow’s 2018 Guide School!
The first steps on your path to becoming a professional sea kayak guide. Here you will develop leadership abilities, expand your knowledge, skills and experience to the level of an internationally certified sea kayak guide. 

How do I become a guide school participant?
To qualify an applicant needs to demonstrate that they not only have the motivation to put in the time and effort required to learn all the skills required of a sea kayak guide, they must also demonstrate that they will dedicate their best efforts to all their tasks at KMT Ålesund. A suitable candidate is an individual that is highly motivated to learn and practice all the skills required of an internationally certified sea kayak guide which includes learning and mastering sea kayak technical paddling skills, guiding skills, judgment and decision-making skills, guide etiquette and teamwork; as well gain as much valuable experience guiding as possible.

To apply send a cover letter explaining why you think you’d be a great fit for Kayak More Tomorrow's Guide School along with your resume to: "Guide School Participant" in the subject line of your email.

All applications for our 2018 Guide School must be submitted prior to March 15, 2018!
Please note, we receive many more applications for our guide school each year than we have spaces for; therefore, it is to your advantage to submit your application as soon as possible.

The Process:

The Preliminary Skype Interview
Once our recruiting team has reviewed your application they may contact you to set up a brief skype interview. 

The Extended Skype Interview
Short listed applicants will be scheduled for an extended interview.


If you have a burning desire to advance your guiding skills or want to begin working on obtaining your international guiding licence then spending the summer in Western Norway may be just what you are looking for. So, prove to us that you are a highly motivated individual who is willing to put in the time and effort needed to succeed and we will give you the opportunity to become an internationally certified sea kayak guide.   

As a participant our KMT’s guide school you will have the chance to:

  • Work with real clients
  • Be instructed by the industries best and most experienced guides
  • Mentored sea kayak technical skills sessions
  • Log your guiding experience towards your international guiding certification
  • Learn the intricacies of the sea kayak industry starting from the ground floor.

And, as a student you will receive:

  • Free accommodation
  • Earn tips
  • Cash bonus for completing the 15-week guide school, which will go a long way to cover your expenses of being in Norway.

If the following description of 'A Sea Kayak Guide' does not yet describe your guiding qualifications or abilities, then KMT’s Guide School is the place for you. 

Sea Kayak Guiding is a Profession

Our client’s expect that their guides have the necessary training and experience to make the right decisions at all times. All those who paddle with a guide notice the immense difference from our highly qualified IFSKGIA guides to those who have little to no qualifications; it is therefore that we at Kayak More Tomorrow are committed to the education and the training of sea kayak guides.

Are you a Certified Sea Kayak Guide?

The position of a KMT Sea Kayak Guide is a leadership position; it is in no way a trainee position. Kayak More Tomorrow expects that all salaried sea kayak guides can do the job without any further training, coaching, or guidance from KMT’s internationally certified guides; we insist that every guide is IFSKGIA certified and meets the standards below:

Kayak More Tomorrow has a clear and unwavering expectation that any and all sea kayak guides have extensive experience, training and practice in the following areas:

  • Gear care, maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Unflawed customer interaction and service
  • Guiding sea kayak trips safely in all weather conditions and sea states
  • Instructing sea kayak lessons from beginner to advanced paddling skills; including specialty classes such as, for example Eskimo Rolling, Surfing, etc.
  • Teaching, instructing, training and mentoring participants in KMT’s guide school
  • To have an understanding and the knowledge of a guide’s workload on any type of trip
  • To gain local knowledge: a guide is expected to familiarize himself with all the coastal waterways he/she will be guiding on and to get to know what to expect in terms of weather, winds, tides and currents, etc. It is expected that this knowledge is acquired at the expense of the sea kayak guide; should be done prior to the start of the paddling season. At no time will Kayak More Tomorrow provide a sea kayak guide familiarization/exploratory time during the season.

All KMT sea kayak guides have assured that this is a true statement: A KMT Sea Kayak guide has the necessary training, experience, skills and abilities to provide the KMT standard of service to all KMT clients; as a KMT sea kayak guide I am an expert paddler with the highest international level of on-water paddling skills and abilities.

In our experience most sea kayak guide applicants fall short of our standards; since our definition of 'A Sea Kayak Guide' does not describe most people then KMT's Guide School is the right place for you!

KMT Guide School

Kayak More Tomorrow’s guide school encompasses 15 weeks; during this time aspiring sea kayak guides will be educated in all facets of sea kayak guiding; as well they will receive hands-on guiding experience. Through a comprehensive program that teaches sea kayaking from the perspective of the professional guide; the curriculum is certified by the International Federation of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors Associations (IFSKGIA). 

Demanding and rewarding, it delivers in-depth coverage of wilderness kayaking, navigation and leadership skills with a strong emphasis on decision making and risk management. The instructors for this course are themselves accomplished guides with many years of commercial guiding and expeditionary experience. Operated in the dynamic waters of Western Norway, this course is for anyone planning to pursue a career in sea kayak guiding.

  • Client orientation
  • Kayak design overview
  • Packing and Loading
  • Group travel formations
  • On-water group management
  • Cooking and food storage
  • Campsite selection and management
  • Paddling mechanics
  • Strokes and stroke instruction techniques
  • Bracing techniques
  • Chart reading and symbols
  • Tides and currents
  • Trip planning
  • Compass types and use
  • Natural ranges
  • Clothing and gear for guides
  • Wilderness skills
  • Weather Theory 
  • Weather forecasts and interpretation
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Daily planning and presentation
  • Minimum impact camping
  • Ethics for guides
  • Towing
  • Capsize recovery
  • Capsize rescues
  • Risk management ashore
  • Onshore travel
  • Leadership styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Wave and surf theory
  • Surf landing and launching
  • Group management in following seas
  • Concepts of service
  • Communications systems
  • Gear repairs on-water
  • Emergency repairs ashore
  • Navigating in fog
  • Dead reckoning
  • Introduction to GPS
  • Risk assessment and avoidance
  • Emergency management
  • Emergency evacuation planning and procedures
  • Non-emergency evacuation options
  • Log keeping
  • Gear maintenance

On this course you will learn a wide range of guiding skills and get the opportunity to practice technical hard and soft skills in the field while guiding:

  • sea kayak cruise passenger excursions
  • day trips
  • multi-day trips
  • Instructing lessons, teaching the basics in paddling techniques.

And; you will develop sound judgement and decision making skills while gaining the confidence necessary to successfully lead groups of paddlers at sea. 

This intensive 15-week program covers all aspects of guiding sea kayakers at sea; includes the following components:

  • Theory
  • Weekly technical paddling skills instructional sessions
  • Daily personal practice sessions
  • Practical guiding experience

Note: it is very important to get in as many on the water practice sessions as possible during the 15 weeks of the courses duration, as this the only way that you will master the technical skills required of a sea kayak guide; where you will be assessed on your progress on a weekly basis.

Kayak more tomorrow’s commitment to the quality of its guide school is unwavering. Our guide school is accredited by IFSKGIA; upon completion of KMT’s guide school participants will have qualified for certification as an IFSKGIA Associate Sea Kayak Guide and Instructor. See the Associate Sea Kayak Guide & Instructor qualification guidelines below:

IFSKGIA Associate Sea Kayak Guide & Instructor
To obtain certification as a IFSKGIA Associate Guide an individual must be accepted into IFSKGIA Guide training program and have completed IFSKGIA’s guide course.

Step 1.   - Evaluation and admission to IFSKGIA guide leadership course

Step 2.   - Completed and passed IFSKGIA’s guide leadership course (15 weeks)

Step 3.   - log as a guide apprentice 60 days of commercial sea kayak guiding on class 1-2 seas (IFSKGIA) through an apprenticeship position with a IFSKGIA accredited company; under the mentorship of a IFSKGIA Senior Guide.

A IFSKGIA associate guide is a limited certification, in which the certified associate guide has 3 years to complete the requirements needed to qualify for certification as certified a IFSKGIA guide & instructor

A IFSKGIA Associate Guide:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Completed steps 1-3 of IFSKGIA guide training
  • Logged a min. of 100km on class 1-3 seas, in which a min. of 25km is on class 3 (IFSKGIA)

IFSKGIA certified associate guide and instructor are required to:

  • Complete all the guiding requirements; pass the guides’ exam, and IFSKGIA’s technical skills evaluation within 3 years of obtaining a IFSKGIA Associate Guide certification.
  • Member in good standing, by paying IFSSKGIA’s yearly membership fee

As a guide school participant, these are our expectations of your workload:

Kayak more tomorrow invests heavily in its guide school; as such expects that each guide school participant returns this investment through putting in their best efforts whiles participating in the 15-week guide school. It is our aim to create the best sea kayaks guides in the outdoor industry of sea kayaking. Working as an outdoor leader (sea kayak guide) entails long working hours in all kinds of weather. Kayak More Tomorrow expects that all guide school participants are familiar with the rigors and long working hours of the outdoor industry. As with everything in life the more effort you put in to the guide school the more you will get out of your summer.

All guide school participants are required to work at KMT Ålesund; the following is what a work shift may consist of:

Kayak More Tomorrow Ålesund rents out sea kayaks, SUP boards, and bikes. KMT provides a short introduction and safety information for all rental activities; it is expected that this information is properly conveyed to our rental clients before they depart from the center.

Quality control
You shall ensure that the sea kayak centre is presentable at all times, this includes keeping the kayaks clean & dry (sponged out), stored correctly and in good repair, as well as, keep all other equipment cleaned, dried and stored neatly and properly.
Equipment Care 
You shall take equipment inventory, for all kayak more tomorrow equipment regularly (min. once a week). This includes sea kayaking equipment, camping equipment and food preparation equipment (camping kitchens) any discrepancy shall be reported to kayak more tomorrow management immediately. 
Sea Kayak Centre Duties
You shall keep the sea kayak centre clean and presentable at all times; you are also expected to assist with other duties and chores that keep the centre of operations running smoothly. 
Advertising and sales
You shall distribute and replenish kayak more tomorrow information to local businesses and other regional contacts; take appropriate action to promote and sell kayak more tomorrow paddling programs. 
Financial duties
Receive cash, Visa and MasterCard payments from clients and ensure that kayak more tomorrow program agreements are filled out correctly.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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