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KMT Bike Guide!

Kayak More Tomorrow is seeking a Bike Guide.  Our cycling program in Ålesund is now in it’s third year and we are looking for an individual to help was take it to the next level!

We are seeking an individual that possess the following qualities: 

  • An avid cyclist
  • Capable bike mechanic
  • Prior guiding or related experience
  • Effective communicator, both written and verbally, with strong speaking skills
  • Bi-lingual
  • Knowledge of local history, culture, nature
  • Clean driving record and proper licensing 
  • Wilderness First Aid/Wilderness First Responder with CPR Certification
  • Ability to manage his or her own time
  • Ability to prioritize according to business needs
  • A good team player
  • Able to problem solve and work in a fast-paced environment
  • An outgoing personality with a positive outlook and attitude  
  • A self-starter with the ability to see and do 
  • Highly motivated to acquire new skills and abilities
  • Able to work independently; also, be able to work as a member of a team
  • Enjoys working hard in the outdoor industry of cycling


The Application 
Please, ensure that you include all the following components in your application; do not submit incomplete applications, as they won’t be considered: 

your contact information

employment history

education details

language proficiency

your travel experience

your thoughts in response to these short questions:

      1. What are the most important aspects of team work; can you describe how you will be a positive influence on all other members of the KMT guide team?

      2. What are your thoughts on handling the pressure of a stressful situation?

      3. In your opinion is this statement true or false? Explain. - walking up to a situation and seeing what needs to be done is a very specialized skill and only required of a team leader.

Also, a short video introduction will help our Hiring Team get to know you better than through bullets on your resume. This is optional, but preferred.

Submit your complete application via e-mail to:; remember that a complete application includes a comprehensive resume and a cover letter with the answers to KMT's 3 questions. 

The Hiring Process

Preliminary Skype Interview
Once our recruiting team has reviewed your application they may contact you to set up a brief skype interview.

The Extended Skype Interview
Short listed applicants will be scheduled for an extended interview.


The Job

General Duties and Responsibilities of a KMT Bike Guide:
Outlined below are the areas of KMT operations with duties and responsibilities required of KMT Bike Guide: (Duties and responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following listed below)

A KMT Biker will ensure that the Kayak More Tomorrow standard is upheld at all times when guiding and while working at a KMT center.

  • Greet customers and set them up on their bikes
  • bike with and coach cyclists of varied abilities
  • manage prescribed tour logistics in a safe and responsible way
  • drive 9 to 15-passenger support van with roof racks or trailer system
  • maintain fleet of 28-speed hybrid bikes
  • Prepare the rental bikes according to the daily/weekly plan
  • Assist customers on a daily basis with ad hoc mechanical adjustments if needed.
  • Insure bikes are fully services on regular basis
  • learn prescribed routes and historic information and give daily briefings
  • facilitate social interaction between guests of varied ages and backgrounds
  • Collaborate with the booking team on a daily basis in order to meet all bike rental needs
  • Recover the bikes at the end of a customers stay
  • Coordinate the bike washing station
  • Manage the tools and shop supplies
  • Ensure the workshop is clean and tidy at all times
  • Repair, check, and fix bikes following KMT standards.
  • Prepare bikes on time for tours and other deadlines
  • Take notes of all the works done on bikes + update the database.
  • Keep the inventory of the workshop updated.
  • Keep the bench and the workshop clean.
  • Provide feedback about bicycles and be a part of the mechanic and office team
  • Cleaning and organizing on a weekly basis inventory management of bicycles and accessories


Required Mechanic Skills and Abilities:

We usually require 3-5 years of shop experience, although exceptions will be considered. (in addition to basic mechanic skills, we require the following skills:)

  • Complete bike assembly
  • Use of lubricants
  • Use of cleansers and solvents
  • Use of Loctite compounds
  • Wheel building, spoke replacement
  • Truing wheel lateral (side-to-side)
  • Truing wheel radial (round)
  • Adjusting wheel dish (rim centering)
  • Adjusting wheel tension
  • Stressing and stabilizing wheel true
  • Threadless headset adjustment
  • Hub and freehub bearing adjustment
  • Spline-fit crank arm removal and installation
  • Pedal installation
  • Cassette replacement
  • Cassette wear
  • Chain removal, sizing, and installation
  • Chain wear
  • Gear hanger alignment
  • Shift lever installation
  • Cable routing and installation
  • Rear and front derailleur installation
  • Rear and front derailleur limit-screw adjustment
  • Rear and front derailleur indexing adjustment
  • Brake lever installation and alignment
  • Cable routing and installation
  • Dual-pivot brake installation and adjustment
  • V-brake installation and adjustment
  • Mechanical disc-brake installation and adjustment
  • Basic knowledge of bike fit and bicycle geometry.

A Proficient Bike Mechanic
We expect a Bike Guide to be competent and confident in the following intermediate bike mechanic skills:

  •       Remove and replace either a tube and/or tire from both the front and rear of a bike, and properly seat the wheel in the dropouts with proper tightening of the quick release lever in 5 minutes or less
  •       Remove and install pedals in 5 minutes or less
  •       Remove and replace a bike chain in 5 minutes or less
  •       Adjust a bike saddle, both height and fore/aft position
  •       Remove and replace a brake cable
  •       Properly adjust both brake pad alignment and lever throw
  •       Remove and replace a derailleur cable
  •       Properly adjust both front and rear derailleurs on a bike
  •       Adjust a bike helmet for the proper fit
  • Change a handlebar stem and properly tighten to the specified torque


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