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Kayak More Tomorrow - Opportunities for Outdoor Leaders

Kayak More Tomorrow is Norway’s leading Sea Kayak tour company and has been since we brought sea kayak touring to Norway back in 1998; we are an eco-tour company with a solid brand name and all the benefits of having outstanding goodwill that has been amassed for over 20 years. We have an established client base, a solid internet presence and a strong sales force in place.

Kayak More Tomorrow has opportunities for those who want to work in the outdoor industry.

Our areas of operation in Norway include:
- The Lofoten Islands
- The Helgeland Coast
- Ålesund & the Fjords of Sunnmøre

KMT started as an innovative sea kayak touring company which has grown to become an industry leader, offering more contemporary paddling programs than any other company.

Our outdoor leaders are adventurers and they are tough. They're interesting and engaging. They have strong interpersonal skills and they have fun connecting with everyone. Kayak More Tomorrow outdoor leaders have a natural grasp of logistics and they can run complex trips so smoothly it appears effortless. They're curious and knowledgeable, comfortable communicators. On top of that, they're expert paddlers and hikers.

Here are some other descriptors, they're: quick-thinking, team players, intuitive, funny, dynamic, active, decisive, professional, poised, motivated, friendly, empathetic, authentic, hardworking, assured, inexhaustible, creative, flexible, and inspirational.  We know we're all unique, and we don't all possess each of these characteristics, but these are the qualities that define some of our most successful Kayak More Tomorrow outdoor leaders.


International Sea kayak Guide Certification
An IFSKGIA certification is a measure of quality; it is clear, that all those who paddle with a guide will notice the immense difference of highly qualified IFSKGIA guides to those ‘guides’ who have little to no qualifications.

Kayak More Tomorrow’s roots belong to sea kayak touring therefore, all KMT outdoor leaders are certified sea kayak guides first.

A KMT Sea Kayak Guide has these attributes and are the best in the industry:

- Possesses an intimate and infinite knowledge of the waterways and land areas in which you guide
- Has at the very minimum 4 Star technical paddling skills
- Has chef quality culinary skills in an outdoor kitchen
- Has exceptional customer handling skill

Are you seeking opportunities as an outdoor leader?

An Opportunity:
a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
- a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Do your skills, experiences and aptitudes enable you to answer "yes" to the questions below?  Then Kayak More tomorrow might have an opportunity that is right for you! 

- Do you have a passion for the outdoors?

- Are you a creative and effective problem solver with great people skills? Do you have a dynamic personality?

- Are you comfortable carrying on conversations with individuals from all walks of life? Are you able to read social cues and adapt your presentation naturally and easily?

- Are you confident, caring, warm and friendly? Do you have a zest for life?

- Are you service minded with solid organisational skills?

- Are you a good communicator with captivating interpretation techniques? Can you communicate in more than one language?

- Are you a self-starter and motivated individual?

- Are you charismatic and concerned with making others feel good?

- Are you a strong team player; able to work well with others, both superiors and subordinates?

- Do you have strong ethics and integrity?

- Are you ready for one of the most challenging jobs you'll likely ever have? Are you ready to love what you do?

A KMT Outdoor Leader. This is an opportunity for those who are willing to do want it takes to develop as a consummate outdoor leader while growing your own your KMT guiding program.

We offer the following support to all KMT Outdoor Leaders:

- Guide training and support

- Sales and trip bookings

- Quality control and standards

- Gear and logistics

- Programing and trip knowhow

There is no "typical" day for a KMT outdoor leader, although there is a plan for each day, each day is unique. Surprises, challenges and opportunities come up all the time. There are, however, many principles and routines that guests expect when paddling with Kayak More Tomorrow; for many, the nimble combination of stability and flexibility is what keeps them paddling with us time and time again.


If you have the drive to succeed and are looking to join a first-rate program, then Kayak More Tomorrow may be right for you!

So, are you ready to take a chance? Then answer these three questions in your application to Kayak More Tomorrow:

  1.  Describe in detail your familiarity with the waterways in which we operate?
  2. Can you describe in detail the process a guide would use when coming to shore with a group of sea kayakers; what actions a guide would take immediately after a group of clients has come ashore for a lunch break during a day trip?
  3. On a multi-day trip, the optimum time to launch off the beach in morning can vary; it is the responsibility of a KMT sea kayak guide to do the calculations. How have you handled this?


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