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The Kayak More Tomorrow Story

The year was 1998 and Jonathan Bendiksen, a renown adventure trip designer and professional sea kayaker, set out on a 3-month paddle through the Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands in Northern Norway; from this exploration the first ever commercial sea kayak trip in Norway was born.

The following years he set out to paddle Norway’s entire spectacular fjord indented coastline on a discovery for adventure trip venues.  During his paddle he uncovered several fantastic outdoor adventure venues, which were deemed “Norway’s most spectacular sea kayaking areas”, the Lofoten Islands, Helgelands Coast and the Western Fjords.

Kayak More Tomorrow, Est. in 1998
Kayak More tomorrow pioneered adventure travel in Norway; this has taken us on an in-depth discovery of the natural gems hidden throughout this fjord indented arctic playground. Here, our world class trip leaders designed and led innovative adventure travel trips from sea kayaking to bicycling and hiking all the way down from the Lofoten Islands along the coast to Bergen. Multi-day adventures are our forte and have always been the cornerstone of Kayak More Tomorrow. We are known for our critically acclaimed trips, outstanding customer service, and first-class trip leaders!

Kayak More Tomorrow is Norway's sea kayaking authority and is staffed with internationally certified guides, who are the cornerstone of our first-class customer service and are also our biggest safety feature. You will appreciate the difference that our world-class, certified, professional guide team makes! 


Kayak More Tomorrow's founder chose the Lofoten Islands an Arctic Archipelago 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle as the venue for Norway's first commercial sea kayak trip. You are in the very best of hands when paddling with KMT in the Lofoten, as our founder has paddled over 10 000 miles through this chain of islands, circumnavigated them over a dozen times and over the past 2 decades has guided over 5000 guests on spectacular Lofoten trips. In the year 2000, Kayak More Tomorrow opened the Lofoten Island’s first ever sea kayak center in Svolvær. From Svolvær's bustling harbor we implemented a series of commercial sea kayak programs that not only serviced the city but the entire chain of islands. 

Sea Kayak Lofoten offered a large collection of programs in the Lofoten, which included the following:

  • Day Trips
  • Self-Guided Multi-Day Rentals, Outfitting  
  • Hourly Rentals
  • Multi-Day Guided trips
  • Sea Kayak Instructional Courses
  • Guide Leadership Courses
  • KMT’s transport service, which covered the whole island chain with pick-up & drop-off for gear and people

KMT’s Lofoten Islands day trip schedule encompassed the entire islands from the far west in Å and Reine to the far east into the Svellingen Islands and Risvær. And, we also pioneered winter guiding with Orcas in Tysfjord. Kayak More Tomorrow is the only sea kayak company that has qualified guides for leading day trips of this nature.


Expanding on our success in the Lofoten Islands, Kayak More Tomorrow opened Sea Kayak Geiranger in 2002. The first sea kayak center in Fjord Norway and Geiranger's original sea kayak center.

In Geiranger we pioneered sea kayak cruise passenger excursions, the first company to offer watersport excursions in Norway. A program which grew in popularity to the height of which exceeded 7000 cruise passengers in a single season in 2013. 

Sea Kayak Geiranger offered a large collection of programs, which included the following:

  • Day Trips
  • Self-Guided Multi- Day Rentals, Outfitting
  • Hourly rentals
  • Multi-Day Guided trips
  • Cruise Passenger Excursions
  • Sea Kayak Instructional Courses
  • Sea Kayak Guide School
  • SUP – KMT was the first company in Norway to offer Stand Up Paddling we implemented this first in Gerianger.

Our day trip schedule in the fjord was immensely popular and included over 10 different trips. Today our day trip blueprints have been the basis for every incompetent copy that is offered in the fjord today.

Our understanding of the fjords and the surrounding mountains make KMT an unparalleled expect when it comes to safely planning a sea kayak trip through the fjords. No other company has logged as many miles paddling the fjords and provides the in depth, detailed information needed for a fun, safe fjord paddle.

Sea Kayak Geiranger was the only company in Geiranger with a complete green non-impact footprint. KMT led the way as a zero-emission company in Geiranger; still the only one to this date.


Kayak More Tomorrow opened Sea Kayak Ålesund, the first sea kayak center in Norway’s Art Nouveau City in 2014.

Ålesund was a natural progression from the fjords for us, as this was our staging sight for our incredibly popular 5-Day World Famous Western Fjords, Ålesund – Geiranger, trip. Weekly departures from the city for over 10 years provided us with ample opportunity to discover Ålesund’s potential as an outdoor adventure venue.

2014 marked the opening of Kayak More Tomorrow in Ålesund. Where we proceeded to design day trips, cruise excursions, micro trip, multi-day overnight trips, etc. and over the next 2 years we expanded the repertoire of trips offered in Ålesund to included biking, hiking, stand-up-paddling, and multi-sport as well as sea kayaking.

Sea Kayak Ålesund offered a large collection of programs which included the following: 

  • Day Trips & Micro Tours
  • Self-Guided Multi- Day Rentals, Outfitting  
  • Hourly rentals
  • Multi-Day Guided trips
  • Cruise Passenger Excursions
  • Day Tours in the Fjords
  • Sea Kayak & SUP Courses 
  • Sea Kayak Guide School
  • Biking, hiking and Multi-Sport

In Ålesund our trips became immensely popular, so popular in fact that Kayak More Tomorrow became a victim of Norwegian jealously, corruption and governmental fraud & theft, this became an unsurmountable problem for us in the city. Kayak More Tomorrow was forced to leave and now some of our trips have been amateurishly and incompetently copied by others. 

But, don’t be fooled, we still operate in Ålesund and you can still book our original trips with our outstanding internationally certified Kayak More Tomorrow sea kayak guides.

Kayak More Tomorrow brought private guided sea kayak touring to Norway in 1998 and throughout the years private guided trips have been the corner stone of our business.

Having developed a reputation for delivering trips of uncompromising quality, Kayak More Tomorrow services a very exclusive cliental list that encompasses Hollywood celebrities, Royalty, and some of the richest families in the world. Our team of highly sought-after international sea kayak guides is looking forward to paddling with you; in the off-season we are in full swing discovering new venues and designing new tours.