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Helgeland's Coast

Kayak More Tomorrow is an authority when it comes to paddling Norway’s Helgeland Coast.

We have amassed the most in-depth information on paddling these waters, period. No other company or organization even comes close. We provide the most compressive, detailed information on your chosen route, including but not limited to, route details, camping sites, emergency take-outs, fresh water & groceries, current climatic conditions, sea state, tides & currents, tips and recommendations based on our extensive experience paddling Norway’s Helgeland Coast. We are your best bet for a fun, safe, paddle through the 1000’s of islands dotting the Helgeland Coastline.

Norway's Helgeland Coast!
Nordland, a sea kayaking eldorado.  A long Helgeland’s coast there are thousands of tiny islands tens of kilometers from the shore whereas most are flat, but some rise high in strange mountain formations 1000 metres about the crashing waves of the Norwegian Sea. The Islands of helgeland give way to the 'Wall' of the Lofoten, with its dark violet, ancient craggy peaks that rise like pyramids; these large islands lie like miniature continents with their mountains, forests and agricultural land, surrounded by the seaways of an awe-inspiring archipelago.

Nordland is steeped in myths, sagas, fairy tales, and folklore and many famous landmarks have contributed to these telling’s, Torghatten, Seven Sisters of Alsten, Hestmannen, Rødøyløve, Landego, Vestfjorden & Vågakallen are just a few that we will discover while paddling Nordland’s coast.


Helgeland's Coast

Expedition Sea Kayaking Kayak More tomorrow’s Nordland Sea Kayak Challenge is a 30-day exploratory paddling trip in Arctic Norway. Beginning on the 65th parallel in the Coastal town of Brønnøysund we paddle North crossing the Arctic Circle at 66.66 degrees North and then on towards our destination in the Lofoten/Vesterålen Islands on 69th parallel.   The Nordland Sea Kayak Challenge takes place during the month of July each year; we depart Brønnøysund the first Monday morning of July. In 2020, the Nordland Challenge runs from July 06 – August 02. The 2020 Nordland Challenge is € 8 950 per participant Estimated weekly paddling sections: July - week 1         Helgeland’s Coast July - week 2         Helgeland’s Coast & Bodø July - week 3         Salten’s Coast & The Stomping Grounds of Knut Hamsun July - week 4         Vestfjord & The Lofoten Islands    
From EUR 8'950
Sea Kayak Brønnøysund's Arctic Archipelage Coves, Bridges, Sounds & Islands! Slide out onto the cobalt blue waters of Brønn Sound, otherwise know as ‘Mainstreet Brønnøysund’. We’re drawn to the landmark Brønnøy bridge connecting the archipelago with mainland Norway as our kayaks drift out onto the famous Torg Fjord. The glittering waters of Torg fjord beacon us as our kayaks glide over the rippling water. Exploring this intricate maze of islands, bobbing in and out of picturesque bays, inlets, and coves before landing on a divine beach where we enjoy a homemade picnic lunch on a private island. Then slipping back on the water our exploration continues until we find our way back to our staging site. Duration: 4 Hours Included: Certified Guide(s) Homemade Picnic Lunch (we are happy to accommodate all dietary restrictions)  All Paddling Gear: Paddle Personal Floation Devise (PFD)  Spray Skirt Optional Gear: Poggies (for cold hands) Dry Bags (small for phones & cameras) Level of Difficulty: Easy This Tour is for Private Guided Groups - Choose your own start time! Starting Point: Kayak More Tomorrow is a fully accredited sea kayak tour company; we know that getting going is what it is all about. Therefore, all our tours begin with our driver picking you up at either at your Ålesund accommodation or the cruise terminal for the short drive out to our staging/launching site. Here, your guide is waiting for you and without further ado you will gear up and get going. You may leave any extra bags, clothing, etc. that you don’t want to take with you on the trip with us at the launching site. Also, if you have forgotten anything like sun screen, water, etc. we will be able to help you out here as well.   Tour Price: Adults:     — € 190 (per adult, 13 and over)       Children:  — € 155 (per child, 12 and younger)
From EUR 190


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