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Sea Kayak Lessons

"I don't need a lesson; anyone can paddle a kayak..."

At Kayak More Tomorrow, we've heard this too many times for comfort!
As an experienced sea kayak company running guided trips, we know that there is much more to sea kayaking than should be assumed from inexperienced wannabe sea kayakers.

Keep it safe!
- What will happen if you capsize?
- What can you do to avoid a capsize?
- Have you considered the affects of cold water immersion?
- How about ocean currents?
- Is seamanship a word you truly understand?
- What should be considered when paddling in a larger group?

Make it fun!
- Knowledge dispels fear.
- Great gear can enhance a trip - but what is great gear?
- How do you use currents in your favor?
- How do you determine a great paddling route?

Skill and Efficiency (Perhaps anyone can paddle a kayak....but)
- How do you paddle a kayak efficiently?
- How do you use less energy at a greater speed?
- Can you move sideways - quickly?
- Can you lean on the edge of your kayak?
- Why would you want to edge your kayak?
- Do you know paddle strokes that eliminate the need for a rudder?
- How about rolling your kayak? It takes practice but what a wonderful self-rescue!

KMT’s certified guides & instructors teach personal trainer (PT) instructional sessions:
Kayak More Tomorrow will provide you with the skills to paddle confidently in your local bay, on a multi-week exploration, or wherever your sense of adventure takes you.

Our instructional sessions follow a clear progression, starting with new paddlers and building on skills previously learned and practiced; you will receive the tools and skills necessary to continue exploring the sea’s mysteries with confidence.

We strive to offer every paddler the opportunity to meet their personal goals, stretch their minds and bodies, explore the adventure of sea kayaking or Stand Up Paddling by becoming a competent paddler, and to achieve the rewards of accomplishment.

Kayak More Tomorrow’s (PT) instructional sessions are much better value and offer a higher quality learning environment than any sea kayak courses available in Norway today; not only that KMT guides & instructors are internationally certified which means that can do assessments for recreational sea kayak badges/cards.

Learn To Sea Kayak
- Learn proper ways to paddle your kayak.
- Understand the power of the ocean and the limitations of the craft and yourself.
- Discover how to make sea kayaking safe and fun.

Ideas for instructional topics:
- introduction to sea kayaking
- basic technical paddling skills
- advanced technical paddling skills
- bracing & support strokes
- rescues and the eskimo roll
- eskimo roll and beyond
- sea kayak touring and seaman ship

PT instructional sessions are priced as follows; a (PT) instructional session can be shared by maximum 2 persons.

1 Session (2 hours) is € 350
1 Double Session (4 hours) is € 675
A Block of 5 Sessions (2 hours each) is € 1 500

 “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
Oliver Wendall Holmes

E-mail us at to book your PT session(s) with a KMT instructor.


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