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The Iconic Lofoten Islands

In the beginning Kayak More Tomorrow chose the Lofoten Islands for their surreal location. These majestic Islands were the perfect place to introduce Norway to adventure travelers; now some 20 years later our Lofoten Islands sea kayak expedition has become a classic in international sea kayaking destinations; a highly ranked bucket list trip.

These impressively scenic islands form an archipelago, one hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is a place of mystical landscapes illuminated by nearly continuous daylight. Glacially-carved, shear granite spires rise out of a sea made rich by the meeting of the warm Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean. The Islands are fringed with green pastureland and dotted with picturesque fishing villages each with its own unique character and dramatic mountain backdrop. This is a true Arctic kayaking adventure with the advantage of finishing every day with a hot shower and a warm bed.

You’ll kayak the length of this remarkable chain of islands through indigo-blue fjords cutting between jagged peaks, stopping at white sand beaches and hiking to viewpoints for incredible panoramic vistas. At the end of each paddling day you’ll stay in “rorbuers”, traditional fishermen’s lodges with time to explore these charming villages and sample the local cuisine. Great kayaking, spectacular scenery and Norway’s seafaring culture make the Lofoten Islands one of the world’s great paddling trips.

Kayak More Tomorrow's sea kayak specialists were the first to design and operate commercial sea kayak trips in the Lofoten Islands; no-one knows these waterways better than us, as KMT is without a doubt the sea kayak tour company with the most guiding days amongst these Arctic Islands.

The best time to paddle in the Lofoten Islands are from late May through June, July, and August. KMT's Iconic Lofoten Islands Itinerary has been attempted copied my many, but no-one has been able to get it just right, so do yourself a favor and paddle with Lofoten's best sea kayak tour company. Contact us via e-mail at: and have our sea kayak trip designer tailor an Iconic Lofoten Islands trip for you. Please keep in mind that the earlier you send us your request the more likely it is that we can accommodate you.

We are excited to paddle The Iconic Lofoten Islands with you!


An Iconic itinerary designed by our world-class trip designer, we have guided over 2000 paddlers through these majestic Arctic Islands;
our trip designer would be happy to tairlor an Iconic Lofoten Islands trip for you!



Day 1

You will meet your kayak more tomorrow guide in the lobby of the Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Bodø, after introductions and a short orientation we embark on a short walk through the centre of town to the ferry terminal.

Once on board your guide will hold an in-depth presentation of your coming week in the Lofoten Islands. The presentation will include the following: route description plotted on a Lofoten map, a complete day by day break down of the trip with tide calculations and morning departure times, description of the accommodation and a meal outline, as well as a brief description of the cultural visits and points of interest. The presentation concludes with each client receiving his/her own Lofoten map.

Upon arrival in Moskenes our kayak more tomorrow logistics guide will be waiting to transport us to Reine, our base for the first two nights in the Lofoten.

During our time in Reine we will travel to the fishing village of Å for a guided tour of the Lofoten Fishing Village museum. This in-depth presentation on the history and life of the Lofoten sets the stage for a glorious week exploring these Islands.

Day 2

After getting into our padding gear we launch from the town pier. The towering peaks of Reinefjord beckon us as we venture out of the harbour and into the fjord. Today’s paddle in Reinefjord will include a comprehensive introduction to paddling a sea kayak.

Kayaking amongst the jagged peaks of Reinefjord we paddle into Bunesfjord, one of the three arms of Reinefjord.  Here we’ll hike up to a view of the North Atlantic and try to picture life as it had once been in one of the earliest settlements in the Lofoten Islands. Our lunch spot is located on the rise between the vertical rock walls of the Moskenes Titons. After returning to Reine; dining and a relaxing evening, prepare us for tomorrow; as our Lofoten journey begins in earnest.

Day 3

Leaving Reine we paddle along the steep rocky walls of the Moskenes Titons to the Sund Sound; a narrow river like channel separating Moskenes Island from Flakstad Island. We time our arrival at the mouth of the sound with the slack in the current. In Sund we tour the Blacksmith’s museum and witness his artistry as he creates birds of steel.

We refuel with a picnic lunch before returning to our kayaks for an afternoon paddle to Nusfjord.

We paddle around the northern tip of Kunna Island and then cross the mouth of Skjelfjord for a close-up encounter with the majestic rock faces of Flakstad Island. Making our way to the hidden mouth of Nus fjord, we try our luck at fishing as we approach this hidden fjord.

The entrance to this “tucked away” fjord opens up and we paddle into the natural harbour of Nusfjord. The village is protected under the UNESCO world heritage act and has been beautifully restored to its former glory. Relaxing on the wharf, sipping a cold beer and listening to the sounds of the bird rock, we recount the days’ journey.

Day 4

The Napp sound is one of Lofoten’s most revered water ways with a tidal current that flows at 5 knots. It separates Flakstad Island from Vestvåg Island (Lofoten’s largest island). Departing Nusfjord early is essential as our best chance to make this open crossing is on the first tidal slack of the day. With 24 hours of sunlight we are able to depart Nusfjord at any hour enabling us to cross when the conditions are favourable.

We paddle for 2.5 hours before landing on Vestvåg Island. Having successfully crossed the Napp sound we arrive in Ballstad to refuel our bodies on a hot bervage and a light snack. Leaving Ballstad after our short break we cross over the mouth of Buksnesfjord. This crossing will take us about 30 min. to paddle. Once over we will explore the many small islands that lead us to the village of Stamsund where we pass by at low tide so we can ride the rising tide into Rolvsfjord.

The last stretch into Rolvsfjord is a short cruise amongst islands and shallows; we look for sea eagles perched on the island tops and explore the sea life in the shallows. The tidal current pushes us deeper and deeper into Rolvsfjord. As we pass through the last narrows our rorbus’ beckon us and the mountains of Vestvåg Islands halt our paddling at the end of the fjord.

After completing today’s challenging paddle we arrive at Brustranda for a well-deserved rest. 

Day 5

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while still recovering from the previous day’s long paddle.

Today we stretch our legs on the gentle hike over the mountains to Borg. We hike over the lush green slopes to the Viking Chieftain’s house and relive life in the 9th century on a guided tour of this reconstructed Viking residence.

Our minivan waits to transport us back to Rolvsfjord for a sauna and tasty supper.

Day 6

Our departure today depends on the tide. We want to catch a ride on the out flowing current from Rolvsfjord and then cross Gimsøy sound on the afternoon slack. The Gimsøy sound separates Vestvåg Island from Austvåg Island. Austvåg Island means Eastern Bay Island and is the last island of the Lofoten chain.

We begin the day cruising through the islands of Valberg where we will discover a beautiful white sand beach, the perfect lunch stop. Our lunch break is timed with the approaching slack in Gimsøy sound. This is our last major crossing of our journey through Lofoten Islands. The route across will depend on the weather and sea state. Henningsvær seems to grow out of the sea as we approach. Sculpted rock peaks provide the perfect backdrop for this island village as we paddle down main-street Henningsvær we marvel at the splendour of this majestic town.

The hamlet of Henningsvær is a true fishing village that hosts the Lofoten Island’s climbing community. Every summer rock climbers from all over the world descend on Henningsvær to climb the granite walls of the Lofoten Mountains.

We spend the evening exploring this charming village and take in the vibrant night life of the Klatre Kafé - Rock Climbers Cafe.

Day 7

Breakfast comes early after our evening out. We say goodbye to Henningsvær as we put our kayaks in the water for the last time. Our final stage takes us past Vågakallen, a famous landmark where rookie Lofoten fishermen had to pay their respects to the Lofoten by removing their hats when passing by for the first time.

We paddle past the granite walls of the Lofoten. Cruising in amongst clusters of islands, the statue of the Fisherman’s wife beckons us as we approach Svolvær. Paddling through Svolvær’s harbour to our final take out point at the Lofoten Rorbuer; mark the end of our journey through these majestic Arctic Islands.

After showers in Svolvær there is time to explore this busy fishing village before we celebrate our week with a traditional Lofoten meal at one of Svolvær’s best restaurants.

We depart Svolvær at 19:30 on the Southbound Hurtigruta sailing past the Lofoten Islands for the last time we share memories and laughs from our time together under the midnight sun in the Lofoten Islands.

Day 8

Arriving in Bodø we check in to the Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Bodø for a short night of well deserved rest.


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