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Sea Kayak Holidays that capture the Spirit of Adventure! 


Kayak More Tomorrow brought commercial sea kayaking to Norway. Paddle with us, Norway's original sea kayak tour company, on a truly unsurpassed adventure holiday!

KMT began as a a multi-day sea kayak tour company where arranging exclusive sea kayak holidays was our speciality; now, with over 20 years perfecting our holiday journeys we are excited to provide you with our 2018 line-up of exclusive, customized sea kayak holiday adventures along Norway’s spectacular coastline.   


KMT's Premier Sea Kayak Holidays

Kayak More Tomorrow is privileged to have one of worlds’ best trip designers on staff who haas designed trips that have become 'classics' and 'must do'  trips  in Norway.

Treat yourself to one of our premier holiday trips or work with our trip designer and design your own custom paddling holiday adventure. 

KMT's inspiring sea kayak holidays that provide a unique perspective on both place and culture are brought to you with North American quality in service, attention to detail, and an outstanding safety record. Featuring postcard-perfect landscapes, snow-capped mountains, high granite walls, waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, wildflowers, crystal clear seas, rocky coves, pine tree fringed beaches and ancient ruins amidst vibrant charming villages; our dedication to excellence & safety, unwavering efforts to make our client’s entire experience state of the art, as well our wealth of experience gives our client’s confidence that they will have a superb, worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed holiday with us. 


Book your Sea Kayak Holiday Today!

Due the nature of our holiday trips and the high level of interest we receive in them we recommend that you book your trip a minimum of 6 months in advance. 
We are now taking reservations for our 2018 premier holidays, reserve your premier sea kayak holiday today by e-mailing us with your preferred trip and dates at:



KMT’s 5-Day paddle along Norway's World-Famous Fjords is an outstanding fully catered sea kayak-camping trip. From your arrival at KMT Ålesund through each marvellous day on the fjords and to when you’re are dropped-off at your chosen accommodation upon completion of the trip you are in great hands with KMT, Norway's most experienced adventure operator.
The 3 Fjords Sea Kayaking Expedition is a great compact way to experience Norway’s fjords. This 3-day sea kayak trip takes you from the Coastal town of Ålesund down 3 magnificent fjords to the hamlet of Geiranger. The fjords are steeped in a rich history that matches the ruggedness of the mountains through which they cut their path.
Ålesund, an Art Nouveau ‘New Style’ City is the gateway to Norway’s famous western fjords and the Mountains of Sunnmøre. Here majestic fjords have cut their path deep into the Sunnmøre Alps, creating a surreal landscape that is both awe-inspiring and breathtaking. This is an area of raw natural beauty with snow capped mountains, towering granite walls, mountain ledge farms, flowering fruit trees, and quaint villages tucked into small protective bays.
These impressively scenic islands form archipelago one hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is a place of mystical landscapes illuminated by nearly continuous daylight. Glacially-carved, shear granite spires rise out of a sea made rich by the meeting of the warm Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean. The Islands are fringed with green pastureland and dotted with picturesque fishing villages each with its own unique character and dramatic mountain backdrop.
Nordland, Norway’s sea kayaking eldorado, to the west lie the islands some only visible at low tide others tower more than a thousand meters above the sea. A long Helgeland’s coast there are thousands of tiny islands tens of kilometers from the shore whereas most are flat, but some rise up in strange mountain formations. The Lofoten Islands, dark violet, ancient craggy peaks rise like pyramids; these large islands lie like miniature continents with their mountains, forests and agricultural land, surrounded by the seaways of this awe-inspiring archipelago.


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