A Micro Tour - Highlights of Ålesund's Archipelago - Kayak More Tomorrow

A Micro Tour - Highlights of Ålesund's Archipelago

From EUR 495


A micro-tour highlights both place and activity; comes together when elements of intimate local knowledge combine with a professional adventure trip designer.

The glistening waterways surrounding Ålesund entice and adventure beckons!

Ålesund, a fairy-tale setting of green grassy parks, lush leafy hillsides, Art Nouveau facades with torrents and sexy curves, historical maritime landmarks, bustling marinas with gentle waves lapping the rocky shores, here we slip into a sea kayak and glide along glistening waterways that give way to specular fjords dotted with a plethora of islands. A secluded campsite where a delicious supper of local delicacies prepared with natural ingredients is served in the great outdoors. A cracking fire, good company and warming night-cap, rounds off the evening before retiring to a cozy tent for a well-deserved rest. The smell of fresh brewed coffee draws you from your tent and a wholesome breakfast energizes, pushing-off, sea kayaks aimed down the fjord to our inevitable entry back into urbanization and the beautiful art nouveau architecture.

An intricate archipelago that boasts untold secrets, a hidden campsite known only to an exclusive few, the eminent ingredients for micro-adventure.

From EUR 495

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A visit to Ålesund is not complete without exploring the waterways surrounding the archipalago that the city is built on!  Make sure you save some time during your visit for KMT's micor tour (24 hours), paddle a sea kayak and camp out in the archipalago.


  • Trip orientation over lunch
  • Gear up; set-off paddling
  • Arrive at camp
  • Supper
  • Evening relaxation social or free time   
  • Breakfast
  • Pack & Load-up
  • Floating, we head off paddling
  • Arrive back in Ålesund; transport back to your accommodation


KMT’s Micro-Tour is just the ticket to knock both off your bucket list. 


  • KMT’s world-class, certified, professional guides
  • Grand vistas
  • The seemingly painted backdrop of the majestic Sunnmøre Alps
  • Intricate Art Nouveau architecture
  • Historic landmarks
  • Islands & fjords
  • KMT’s choice equipment
  • Hearty homemade meals
  • Western Norway’s endless sky
  • Bold horizons
  • Cozy tents
  • A crackling campfire 


  1. Ålesund