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Kayak More Tomorrow has lead Norway's adventure travel industry for over 2 decades - Our Experience is your Peace of Mind!
We are known for pioneering avant-garde trips with outstanding customer service and lead by a world-class, certified, professional guide team!

When the quality of your trip matters - Kayak More Tomorrow is the natural choice!


We brought commercial sea kayak touring to Norway in the 1990's, where we designd and lead Norway’s first ever guided adventure trips!

Our comprehensive knowledge with the needs & desires of adventure travelers is reflected in everything we do!

We have an unsurpassed track record on delivering safe, unique, fun, and innovative trips & tours, all centred around our infinite knowledge of the places we travel.

We Design trend-setting tours, then perfect them through guiding thousands of guests on each and every one of them! 

And, our metaclious customer service along with our exceptionally high-standards in all we do sets us apart from all others operating in Norway! 

And, simply put - you'll have a great time!

  • 3 Days Islands & Lights a Paddle Mania

    Islands & Lights a 3 Day Paddle Mania! Ålesund's glistening waterways entice and adventure beckons! An Island-Hopping extravaganza to Ona Lighthouse is a paddlers dream.   A Se...
    From EUR 1'425
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  • 5-Days Sea Kayaking Norway's World-Famous Fjords

    5 Days Sea Kayaking Norway's World Famous Fjords - A Bucket List Trip! This Classic Fjords paddle is a must do for every paddler; is well suited for beginners to advanced sea kayakers alike. ...
    From EUR 2'375
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  • 8-Day Arctic Summer Solstice & Wild Fjords Multi Sport Trip

    Arctic Summer Solstice & Wild Fjords Multi-Sport! Bike, hike & paddle for 8 days through Western Norway; discover an adventure landscape that will leave you spellbound. Imagine riding do...
    From EUR 6'250
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  • 8-Day Sea Kayaking the Iconic Lofoten Islands

    8 Days Sea Kayaking The Iconic Lofoten Islands! The Lofoten Islands, a chain of spectacular islands, where jagged peaks embedded in the sea and the sounds of the Moskenes maelstrom, one of the wo...
    From EUR 6'850
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  • A Micro Tour - Highlights of Ålesund's Archipelago

    AN ÅLESUND MICRO TOUR - 24 HOURS OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE & LOCAL SPECIALITIES! A micro-tour highlights both place and activity; comes together when elements of intimate local knowledge comb...
    From EUR 475
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  • Ålesund's Original Sea Kayak Excursion

    Islands, Fjords & Art Nouveau – Ålesund’s original cruise passenger sea kayak excursion! Ålesund’s Southern harbour and it’s famous Borgund fjord are the ...
    From EUR 125
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  • Art Nouveau by Paddleboard

    Art Nouveau Delights!  Escape the city and explore Ålesund’s waterways. Borgund Fjord, Hessa fjord’s & Valderhaug Fjord their infinite sky, intricate archipelagos, his...
    From EUR 125
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  • Bike & Kayak Ålesund's Islands

    Bike & Kayak Ålesund's Islands - City Roads & Waterways! We cruise over the cobblestone covered streets uncovering intricacies of Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture,...
    From EUR 165
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  • Bike and Hike Sugar Summit

    Bike & Hike Sugar Summit - The View is Worth Every Step! Cruising through the cobblestone covered streets uncovering the intricacies of Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture, passin...
    From EUR 165
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  • Fjord Serenity

    FJORD SERENITY - WILD NORWEGIAN FJORDS! Norway’s Grand Fjord (Storfjord), where the surging north Atlantic Ocean meets the majestic Sunnmøre Alps where a giant ravine like fjord car...
    From EUR 165
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  • Kayak Ålesund's Fjords and Hike Sugar Summit

    Kayak Ålesund's Fjords and Hike Sugar Summit - The View is Worth Every Step! Borgund Fjord’s infinite sky opens exposing Sula Mountain and the Sunnmøre Alps. We glide acro...
    From EUR 165
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  • Sea Kayak Fishing

    SEA KAYAK FISHINKG - THE BIG ONE GOT AWAY! FISH, ÅLESUND’S FAMOUS BORGUND FJORD South East of Ålesund’s Art Nouveau City Centre lies the famous Borgund Fjord; it is here ...
    From EUR 165
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  • Sunset Wine Tour

    Sunset Wine Tour - Life's Finest Pleasures! The stage is set. Our driver picks you up at your accommodation for the short drive to our launching site. Our chosen route benefits the glorious ...
    From EUR 165
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  • The Fjords, Islands & Sounds Route

    Fjords, Islands & Sounds Route - A Circumnavagation, Keeping Ålesund on the Left! Escape the city! Borgund Fjord, keeping the southern city sights, sounds & smells on our left we p...
    From EUR 165
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  • The Ultimate Exploration of Norway's Art Nouveau City

    The Ultimate Exploration - A Day Outdoors! Our day begins by paddling across Ålesund’s Southern fjords.  Landing on the beach at Sand Bay we gear up to go exploring on Sula Moun...
    From EUR 165
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  • Tour of the Art Nouveau Archipelago

    Tour of the Art Nouveau Archipelago - Islands and Fjords! Gliding out onto Borgund Fjord the sky opens revealing the city skyline, historical buildings, and a spectacular archipelago all chisele...
    From EUR 165
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Norway's Adventure Specialists!

Kayak More Tomorrow pioneered adventure travel in Norway. This has led us on an in-depth discovery of the natural gems hidden throughout this fjord indented arctic playground; we have designed and lead innovative sea kayak, bicycle and hiking trips from the Lofoten Islands all the way down the coast to Bergen for the past 20 years.

Our experience is your peace of mind for an adventure trip in Norway; having traveled with over 300 000 satisfied guests in country allows us the benefit of not having to prove ourselves as Norway’s go-to sea kayak professionals.

Providing trips of the highest quality is our priority; that is why we design and operate all our trips! The trips wouldn’t be as good – we’re sure of it – and that’s what matters! 

Kayak More Tomorrow is the best choice for a guided adventure in Norway!

Speaking from our enormous wealth of experience, sea kayaking is best suited for private tours of either individuals or small private groups. Book an IFSKGIA certified KMT guide for your private tour.
KMT is centrally located and has the best staging sites in all our areas of operation; unlike all others operating in Norway you don’t have to come to us, we come to you, our driver will pick you up at your accommodation, cruise port, airport, etc. 

  • The Lofoten Islands, Svolvær
  • Helgelands Coast, Brønnøysund
  • Norway ‘s Western Fjords, Ålesund

Our guides schedules are always fully booked well in advance; therefore, we don’t take drop-ins, so pre-booking is essential; it is to your advantage to book as early as possible as we are already receiving bookings for 2021!

Our hand-crafted trips have become ‘classics' in the world of international sea kayaking destinations.

We are excited to announce our 2019 line-up of exclusive, customized sea kayak holiday adventure trips along Norway’s spectacular coastline.
Planning a sea kayak trip - whether for a few hours or a few weeks - requires information! Where do you go? What's a good route? Where are the best campsites? What about currents? What to wear, what to bring, etc. This is where Kayak More Tomorrow comes in!
Guided Sea Kayak Tours is our forte! Kayak More Tomorrow originated from North America; is the sea kayak tour company that brought commercial sea kayaking to Norway. Joining us for a sea kayak tour in Norway is the right decision, as all our tours are completely original and designed by us, also we were the first to explore and design all the sea kayaking tours offered in Ålesund.

Norway's most Accomplished Outdoor Adventure Company!

Paddle the Lofoten Islands, Helgeland's Coast, Ålesund & the Western Fjords with the peace of mind that you have chosen the company with the most experience leading adventure trips in Norway.

KMT’s inspiring adventure trips and tours were forged in a pioneering spirit and delivered with a North American quality of service, attention to detail, and an outstanding safety record. They feature postcard-perfect landscapes, snow-capped mountains, steep granite walls, waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, wildflowers, crystal clear seas, rocky coves, white sandy beaches, rock gardens, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, cracking campfires with cozy tents and vibrant charming villages.

Kayak More Tomorrow brought commercial sea kayaking to Norway in 1998; now with over 20 years of exploring, designing, and guiding sea kayak trips and tours in Norway, Kayak More Tomorrow is Norwegian sea kayaking. We have amassed an enormous wealth of information on Norway’s coastal waters from a sea kayakers’ point of view, and as well, having operated sea kayak centres in Norway’s prime paddling destinations has given us a clear understanding of the needs of sea kayakers paddling this majestic coastline.

Kayak More Tomorrow is your peace of mind for a paddling trip in Norway; having paddled with over 300 000 satisfied guests in country allows us the benefit of not having to prove ourselves as Norway’s go-to sea kayak professionals.

Staffed with internationally certified guides, they are the cornerstone of our first-class customer service and are also our biggest safety feature. You will appreciate the difference that our world-class, certified, professional guide team makes!

Kayak More tomorrow is Norway's Sea Kayaking Authority!
We will provide the most compressive, detailed information on your chosen sea kayaking program, including but not limited to, route details, camping sites, emergency take-outs, fresh water & groceries, current climatic conditions, sea state, tides & currents, tips and recommendations based on our extensive experience paddling Norwegian waterways. Everything you need for a fun, safe, paddle along Norway’s majestic coastline.

Providing trips of the highest quality is our priority; that is why we design and operate all of our trips! The trips wouldn't be as good - we're sure of it - and that's what matters!


Kayak More Tomorrow is accredited with a 5 Star rating by NHKGIF