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  • Lofoten's Historic Highway #1

Paddle Svolvær to Henningsvær

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Adult 13 and older
Child 12 and younger

Paddle Svolvær to Henningsvær

Depart the safety of the Fisherman’s Wife zigzag our way through the rocky maze to where the expanse of mighty West Fjord looms on the horizon. Our sights are set on the gap that will lead us to paradise, as we round Bremholla, Paradise is on our right.

Feeling small in Bremholm Sound as the famous landmark, Vågakallen looms above us we inch our way up the sound to kjerringa with Gullvika beckoning us in the distance; wemake a left and head for Litj-Nons Island and head up ‘Mainstreet’ Henningsvær.

We take-out at a pier on ‘Mainstreet’ where a cold beer and a steaming bowl of Bacalao await us. We unwind from a fantastic paddle as the sounds and sights of Henningsvær’s bustling harbor fill our senses while we refuel on the freshest cod anywhere.

Note: restaurant lunch and refreshments are included in the price of the trip.

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