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  • A Tropical Day

Paddle to the Beaches of ‘The Little Molla’

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Adult 13 and older
Child 12 and younger

Paddle to the Beaches of ‘The Little Molla’

Mighty West Fjord awaits, feeling small as we leave the protected waters of Svolvær. We aim our kayaks to the mountainous islands to the West and start paddling across Høla, the section of West Fjord separating Svolvær from Skrova.

The mountains grow larger with every stroke of our paddles and our kayaks slice easily through the water; we are elated to have crossed over Høla to the island of Litlmolla. Here we spend the day beach hopping and swimming (if you dare) a delicious al fresco picnic lunch refuels us for the crossing back to Svolvær, and the glimpse of the Lofoten Islands stretching Westward into the North Atlantic is a sight that is not easily forgotten.

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