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Enjoy a Magical Day Outdoors Exploring Quirky Norwegian Harbor Towns


Reconnoiter Eccentric Norwegian Harbor Towns!

Day Tours have been an integral component in our adventure line-up from day one of operating in Norway.

From the beginning our adventure gurus have sought out and explored all the nooks and crannies of our local haunts and during these reconnaissance adventures day tour ideas have magically exposed themselves. And, we have uncovered hidden gems that even diehard locals don’t know about, so you are in for a real treat when you join one of our day tour leaders for a spellbinding day out adventuring in one of our local haunts.

We offer day tours in most of the cities, towns, or villages where our guide houses are located. And, all our day tours are designed by us, are original in every aspect, and are the best way to discover Norwegian Gems on a close and personal level. It is not an exaggeration to say that our day adventures are immensely popular, in fact, there several others have attempted to copy them but without our knowhow the copies have underdelivered and surprisingly enough many have then chosen to do a second trip with us!

All Inclusive Day Tours
Included in all day adventures is our courtesy door to door pick-up/drop-off service, where our driver picks you up for your tour at your chosen accommodation for the short drive to our open-air staging/launching site. And, most of our day tours also, include our famous alfresco picnic lunch, along with adult refreshments.

Small Groups
We only host small groups on our day adventures and in most cases your group will have a private guide enabling you to customize your tour as you desire. Your tour Leader holds international certification, is professional, friendly, and accommodating. You are in the best of hands with us.

We are a sustainable eco-tour company operating in Norway, which is Europe’s most expensive country. Therefore, our price point reflects Norway’s very high cost of living; you get what you pay for in all respects, international certified guides, small groups (mostly private groups allowing for personalized custom tours) wholesome homemade al fresco lunches and un-compromising equipment.

Monkfish Café
Featuring a menu made famous by Kayak More Tomorrow’s Outdoor Chefs who have created delicious Al Fresco meals for thousands of outdoor adventurers. Specializing in outstanding dishes made from ecological, natural raw ingredients that are formed into rich, high energy meals; of course, our famous fresh baked salubrious snacks coupled with natural juice blends & healthy Smoothies.

Here you will experience wholesome goodness from nature’s bounty that will boost your adventuring to new heights, and you may even pair our hearty outdoor cuisine with refreshing wines & beers.

Our outdoor chefs are adept in crating salubrious fare for all tastes and dietary requirements including Vegan options.

Day Trip Lunches
On the day of your day adventure, your guide will stop by our Monkfish Café and pick up a specially prepared picnic lunch for your group to boost and refuel you on your adventure with us.

Monkfish Café menus are based on traditional Norwegian cuisine that is heavily influenced by Norway’s vast shoreline, well-established dairy farms, and a short summer season; thus, you will find the Norwegian table laden with fish, rich cheeses, root vegetables and berries.

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