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Welcome to Norway – Europe’s most Expensive Country!

red houses in Norway

Norway is a country that is best discovered through adventure travel and getting out there to enjoy its bountiful natural treasures. Because, of a relatively dull history and non-exhilarating culture which are both uninspiring and not a lure for travelers, Norway’s spectacular natural beauty is what it really is all about!

Norway, a tiny country of only 5 million inhabitants; per capita, one of the richest counties in the world. North Sea oil has enriched Norway beyond its wildest imagination; after striking it rich, Norwegians developed a very high standard of socialism and along with this a high standard of living. However, oil revenue alone does not finance this high standard of living, so to make it work financially Norway imposes Europe’s highest overall tax rate on both businesses and inhabitants.

Norway can be summed up as a country with Inflated wages, unreasonable prices lacking comparable value and non-existent service. Visitors take note!

Having pioneered the outdoor industry of Norway and operating here for 20 years 1998 – 2018 we have a very clear picture of the requirements and restrictions of operating in the outdoor industry of Norway.

As well, having traveled extensively throughout the world, and joining countless active adventures on all continents we have a very good idea of the value to price to the ratio in Europe and at large. Unfortunately, Norway’s value to price ratio doesn’t match that of the rest of the world; this applies to all industries especially tourism. For a common purchase value of a typical western country, Norway’s price point is at least double and, in many cases, up to 5 times more. Therefore, visitors to Norway need to be prepared for this before they leave home. The equation is simple, if you can not afford to pay what it costs in Norway, then don’t visit, stay home or travel to a cheaper country!

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