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Back to Straight Talk With Kayak More Tomorrow

The Unique 2020 Outdoor Season in Europe!

having lunch near a waterfall in Norway

It is time for some clarity and realism. Unfortunately, the truth is difficult for most to accept.

We live in Western democracies where we elect individuals to govern. This international pandemic has clearly shown what we already know but do not want to fully admit; that we elect inept, unintelligent, and basically uneducated individuals. Now this is not normally a problem but when the world really needs leadership these individuals fall far short of the mark. And, in Norway Erna Solberg and company are certainly not up to the job!

Our industry is not only suffering from this lack of leadership it is also suffering from the information that is coming from these so-called leaders.

Sea Kayaking Norway is a great trip for these challenging times!

Tourism companies are not banks, we are not in the business of accepting deposits just to give returns on them whenever requested. Our business is of a more complex nature where trip fees cover our entire existence and are not solely dedicated to your specific trip. You would never be able to afford to go on just a dedicated trip. We have real costs and expenses and for those few who operate on the same professional level as Kayak More Tomorrow where our experience and knowledge has come at a great expense over a multitude of years. This is what trip fees cover as well as having the industries highest standard of equipment available for you to use.

Unfortunately, there seams to be a misunderstanding out there that if you book a trip with an adventure operator and need to cancel for any reason you are owed your trip fees and this has recently been reinforced by the inept individuals that we have unfortunately elected to lead. Their complete lack of understanding of the realities of the tourism industry should be grounds for immediately dismissal.

However, since that is utopia it leaves me with having to clarify the situation somewhat. Trip fees cover every aspect of our operations, period. Including: receiving a booking, an adventure tour operator has already incurred costs and expenses some of which will not ever be refunded, moreover a portion of your trip fees has already been spent on taking your booking and providing you with your trip information package.

We do not go out and buy gear specifically for you to use and then if you choose to cancel we can forgo these costs. This is so fundamentally basic that I should not have to mention it; this lack of awareness always amazes me when someone asks what is our refund policy?

Therefore, and especially this year if you want to do an amazing trip in August don’t ask what the refund policy is, instead make sure that you have a good cancelation insurance policy ( there are literally hundreds of companies out there) and don’t be afraid to use it.

The future does not look so bright for the outdoor adventure industry right now but if you appreciate having and using high quality adventure tour operators then it is time to book your August trip now.

To all those who have booked and are ready to go we look forward to our adventures with you this August. And, to all the other Europeans what have wasted our time with incessant requests for refund policies money back guarantees, please stop hassling our staff and just stay home!

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