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Sea Kayak Touring

people kayaking close to an small village in Norway

Sea kayak Touring is best suited for private groups and individuals, any company offering individual spaces on a sea kayak trip is misleading you, the consumer. Paddling around a bay with a group of sea kayakers is not sea kayak touring! Unfortunately, there are still several companies that are trying to hold on to the past and are still offering single spaces on trips, but those trips are misleading and are only operated when groups book several spaces; not only that they are poorly run without certified guides and cheap support staff. Buyer beware!

For sea kayak touring to be enjoyable and safe, groups need to be small and homogenous, which means that everyone should hold the same approximate paddling speed, have similar paddling experience, etc. Therefore, small private groups make the most sense when planning a sea kayak trip. At Kayak More Tomorrow, we not only understand this but have pioneered and perfected sea kayak touring trips for small private groups and individuals.

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