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Straight Talk With Kayak More Tomorrow

Travelling to Norway?

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Our first entry! Sharing our wisdom and offering some helpful tips to those traveling in Norway. We started 20 years ago, as Norway’s first-ever adventure travel outfitter. Since then there have been many changes in the industry, especially, the last 10 years with numerous companies springing up everywhere. Good for the customer one should think,…

We have great news! We are moving locations!

kayaking with the city in the back

After 4 years of paying ridiculously high rental prices for a sub-standard facility. We have decided to cut Kr. 450 000 a year from our overhead and past these savings directly on to you, our guest, by increasing the quality of our trips with up-graded gear, highly trained guides and best of all lower trip…


Founder kayaking with children

Our Blog – Straight Talk with KMT will feature a pre-season segment on what we have learned through 20 years of operating in Norway with highlights from our Norwegian experiences. Kayak More Tomorrow’s Founder, Jonathan Bendiksen is no ordinary waterman, he’s Norway’s most accomplished sea kayak guide with 2250 guiding days on class 1-4 seas…

Welcome to Norway – Europe’s most Expensive Country!

red houses in Norway

Norway is a country that is best discovered through adventure travel and getting out there to enjoy its bountiful natural treasures. Because, of a relatively dull history and non-exhilarating culture which are both uninspiring and not a lure for travelers, Norway’s spectacular natural beauty is what it really is all about! Norway, a tiny country…

Kayak More Tomorrow is Norwegian Sea kayaking

couple in a yellow kayak in Norway

After 20 years of exploring, designing, and guiding sea kayak trips and tours in Norway, Kayak More Tomorrow is Norwegian sea kayaking; having paddled with over 200 000 satisfied guests allows us the benefit of not having to prove ourselves as Norway’s go-to sea kayak professionals. Kayak More Tomorrow brought commercial sea kayaking to Norway…