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KAYAK MORE TOMORROW – Setting the Standard in the Outdoor Industry

several yellow kayaks near a norwegian island

Kayak More Tomorrow is a sustainable outdoor tour company operating in Norway. What does this mean?

– able to be maintained or kept going, as an action or process:
– pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse:

It means that we at KMT must operate according to these realities:

  • Operating in Norway – the world’s most expensive country
  • Purchasing only the best equipment available, due to the fact that we operate in Norway, which is in the Arctic
    Staffed with only internationally certified guides, whose education, training, experience which is continual and ongoing as required by their certification; this requires us to limit our customer: guide ratio, as mandated by international guiding standards
  • We have over 2 decades operating in Norway which means that we possess the most in-depth information on paddling Norway’s coastal waters.

Sustainable means that our prices must be high enough to sustain our quality of operations in Norway.

However, the first question is a request for our services is usually, Please send me your prices? If this is, you then you are beginning at the wrong end! You should be asking the right questions first!
As a potential customer, your first questions should be, what brands of gear do you have and are they suitable for the paddling conditions found in the Arctic and the second question should be what certifications do you and your staff have.

Norway and the Outdoor Industry!

Norway, located in the Arctic with its fjord-indented coastline which runs up along these formidable seas, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea (North Atlantic) and the Arctic Ocean. Here, these ocean conditions are ever-changing, multifarious, challenging and treacherous. People have died paddling Norway’s coastal waters. Therefore, anyone planning to paddle these waters should be concerned with receiving the best, most accurate and in-depth information possible. This should be their main consideration when choosing an outfitter.

Sea Kayaking is inherently dangerous and in the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic – well it goes without saying.

Kayak More Tomorrow has amassed the most in-depth information, knowledge, and expertise on paddling Norwegian coastal waters, period. No other company or organization comes close.

The challenges with outfitters in Norway?
Scandinavian’s lack a basic understanding of the outdoor industry. They have only copied others and the results are shocking, which is something I have experienced first hand for over 20 years now.

Norwegians are intrinsically cheap; this is very apparent in the outdoor industry. They only purchase the cheapest equipment, hire the cheapest guides which are uncertified and unqualified, and they will short change your trip to save money without giving it a second thought.

Norway is the most expensive country in Europe.

Hopefully, this example with help clarifies the cost of operating/living in Norway. Norwegians pay € 50 per hour for private maid services (someone who cleans your home) and not only that Norwegians believe that this is the minimum that should be paid for this service. € 50 per hour for a cleaning service, usually someone with little to no education.

As a professional outdoor tour company, Kayak More tomorrow sets the standard in the industry; our internationally certified guides, who are the cornerstone of our first-class customer service and are also our biggest safety feature. You will appreciate the difference that our world-class, certified, professional guide team makes! At KMT we refuse to lower our standards to compete with all the other sub-standard companies operating in Norway.

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