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Back to Straight Talk With Kayak More Tomorrow

Kayak More Tomorrow is Norwegian Sea kayaking

couple in a yellow kayak in Norway

After 20 years of exploring, designing, and guiding sea kayak trips and tours in Norway, Kayak More Tomorrow is Norwegian sea kayaking; having paddled with over 200 000 satisfied guests allows us the benefit of not having to prove ourselves as Norway’s go-to sea kayak professionals.

Kayak More Tomorrow brought commercial sea kayaking to Norway in 1998; then proceeded to develop all the classic Norwegian sea kayaking destinations.

This has provided us with an enormous wealth of information on Norway’s coastal waters from a sea kayakers point of view, and as well, having operated sea kayak centers in Norway’s prime paddling destinations has given us a clear understanding of the needs of sea kayakers paddling this majestic coastline.

We are introducing our blog straight talk with KMT to share our knowledge and provide insight to those who want the inside scoop on traveling to Norway and paddling Norwegian waters.

Kayak More Tomorrow, of Canadian origin, has been operating in Norway for 20 years. Our North American approach and level of service have always set us apart from all others operating in Norway. Therefore, with our vast experience and expert knowledge of operating in Norway, our prices are set at the absolute minimum that is required to operate profitably. Norway, a country of vast and amazing outdoor venues; while visiting you owe it to yourself to spring for an awesome outdoor adventure; don’t settle for the second rate go with Norway’s most reputable outdoor company, Kayak More Tomorrow!

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