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Getting the most out of your self-guided trip!

a rocky beach

Choosing the right outfitter is crucial when planning a self-guided trip.

It is unfathomable that people seeking a fun, safe self-guided sea kayak trip constantly put themselves at risk by choosing a cheap and inadequate outfitter. Choosing an outfitter based on price is not only reckless it is downright dangerous.

Norway is overrun with poor outfitters that offer cheap prices for rentals; you get what you pay for in all respects when choosing an outfitter based only on price! The cheapest and lowest quality equipment on the market, unqualified staff with little to no experience and inadequate information for safely paddling its coastal waters.

What to look for in a quality outfitter, the quality of their information and support in planning your trip, the quality of their equipment (this is usually reflected by their price point) and their safety protocol for self-guided trips.

Sea Kayaking Norway is a great trip for these challenging times!

Our booking office is overrun with requests for self-guided trips; the vast majority of enquires are from individuals and groups with inherently unrealistic and dangerous requests combined with wanting the cheapest prices. This is of great concern and creates a very hazardous situation as cheaper outfitters don’t have the knowledge nor experience to provide the correct advice and information which results with sending out individuals and groups on trips with poor equipment, inadequate information and instructions and with conditions that they are not able to handle.

The right gear, information, advice, safety protocol, and trip support are essential for a fun, safe self-guided sea kayak trip. We have spent the past 25 years perfecting our protocols for self-guided trips and now our self-guided trips included the most comprehensive service and safety protocols anywhere in the world today.

Unfortunately, Norway is Europe’s most expensive country. Therefore, to maximize your safety and enjoyment you need to have a realistic trip budget; it is better to spend a little more have a great time then to scrimp and put yourself in grave danger as well as not have a great time outdoors.

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