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Straight Talk With Kayak More Tomorrow


Norway’s 5 Best Self-Guided Sea Kayak Trips

a group of people sitting in a boat on a body of water

The Norwegian Coast is a magical venue for self-guided sea kayak trips! Sea Kayaking is an exhilarating way to explore intricate coastlines. Powered only by your paddle, let the feeling of freedom sweep over you as your kayak glides effortlessly over the ever-changing elements of the ocean. Sea Kayak Touring is ideally suited to Norway’s…

The 10 Best Day Trips in Norway

having some food in the peak of Sugar Summit

Norway is a country that promises to charm; is best discovered through adventure travel. Exploring and experiencing Norway’s spectacular natural beauty is what it is all about! We hear these comments everyday out on trips: “This is what visiting Norway is all about, spending a great day outdoors taking in all the beautiful vistas” “Getting…

Happy New Year 2021

fireworks in the sky

Bonne Année – Happy New Year! 2021 brings us renewed hope that the world will slowly and eventually return a state of normalcy. 2020 has be an exceptional year in many ways, and our industry has nearly collapsed due to the travel stop caused by the worldwide pandemic. We at Kayak More Tomorrow, have struggled…

2021 is Fast Approaching – Let’s Get Outside Again!


We are sure that many of you are looking forward to traveling and getting into the outdoors; we want you to know that Kayak More Tomorrow is ready for you. Kayak more Tomorrow has developed and implemented enhanced sanitation and distancing protocols to help keep our travelers, guides, and local communities healthy and safe. We…

Getting the most out of your self-guided trip!

a rocky beach

Choosing the right outfitter is crucial when planning a self-guided trip. It is unfathomable that people seeking a fun, safe self-guided sea kayak trip constantly put themselves at risk by choosing a cheap and inadequate outfitter. Choosing an outfitter based on price is not only reckless it is downright dangerous. Norway is overrun with poor…

The Unique 2020 Outdoor Season in Europe!

having lunch near a waterfall in Norway

It is time for some clarity and realism. Unfortunately, the truth is difficult for most to accept. We live in Western democracies where we elect individuals to govern. This international pandemic has clearly shown what we already know but do not want to fully admit; that we elect inept, unintelligent, and basically uneducated individuals. Now…

Into the Future – of Outdoor Adventure Travel!


Kayak More Tomorrow has been consistently on the cutting edge of the outdoor travel industry and our model for doing business is proving to be the perfect mode for the outdoor travel industry during these unprecedented times – our philosophy of private small group travel with your own personal Tour Leader is particularly well-suited to…

The First World and Sustainability


Sustainability – what does this really mean? Sustainable: pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse & able to be supported as with the basic necessities or sufficient funds It is easy to understand and support the idea of sustainability when referring to developing nations, as…

Adventure Travel and Coronavirus: A Message to Our Clients


At Kayak More Tomorrow, our priority in all our operations has and always will be centered around our core principals of integrity, transparency and client well-being. Now more than ever, I wanted to share my thoughts about the spread of COVID-19 virus. I know that the situation is weighing on everyone’s mind. My goal is…