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2018 – 20 Years of Adventure Travel in Norway

kayaking near a lighthouse

2018 marks Kayak More Tomorrow’s 20th year as Norway’s leading outdoor company.

2018 was another successful season in Norway as we transitioned from the mass tourism market (cruise passengers) to focusing on the more refined adventure traveler. We opened new routes, designed and guided new tours, renovated our alfresco kitchen and paddled, hiked and biked with hundreds of interesting people. It was a season of rejuvenation with great weather and lots of good times. We send our best wishes to those who traveled with us as we look towards a new year.

Taking a moment to reflect and look back, after 2 decades of intense work we have opened-up the adventure travel market in Norway. By establishing new destinations, designing fantastic original trips and providing introductory adventures to the mass tourism market. In 1998 we were the only company operating in Norway and now 20 years later the inevitable has happened, an up-spring of countless fly-by-night operations hoping to cash in on the tourist kroner; all without any consideration to the knowledge, experience or quality of service expected from the seasoned traveler. Therefore, we have concluded that the best for KMT is to leave the mass tourism market to Norwegian operators offering cheap programs with non-qualified and uncertified guides; this defines every company working with cruise liners in Norway. You get what you pay in all respects, especially in a high cost country such as Norway.

Also, our change of operations in Western Norway has proven an unequivocal success; one in which our guests have greatly appreciated. I has enabled us to provide quality customized outings to small private groups.

What we have learned during the past 5 years paddling Ålesund’s waterways?
Don’t be fooled – Brosundet is not worth paddling! It is a poorly managed polluted harbour lined with partying locals in pleasure-crafts releasing their toilets and grey water into the sound. This, along with the harbour authorities and their ‘infinite wisdom’ of closing the south entrance of the sound for all boating traffic without rhyme or reason forcing only one-way traffic to the North. And finally, the hyped-up pastel colored historical building lining the sound are only 10 sea kayak lengths long taking less then a minute to past by leaving one with the unmistakeable feeling of ’is this it – is this all’!

Also, a quick note, A Norwegian tourist office is like a public bathroom – you don’t get to use it unless you pay a fee. We have had several guests report to us that the tourist office has said we don’t exist, are not operating, etc. So, don’t be fooled this is standard in Norway – Norwegians giving misleading or incorrect information mostly because they don’t really care as long as they receive their paycheques. So, unless you need a bus schedule give the tourist offices a miss.

It is now time for us to refocus our attention on the best that this country has to offer the adventure traveler. So, from 2019 our trips and tours will be directed at those seeking a unique and exclusive program that stands head and shoulders above all others. Make no mistake! We are the only company operating in Norway worth travelling with. Book early and you will only pay what it costs for an adventure done right!

We look forward to an adventure with you in the near future!

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