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Kayak More Tomorrow’s 2017 annual hiring interview & workshop takes place from April 06 – 09, 2017

Kayak More Tomorrow’s annual guide hiring interview & workshop takes place in Ålesund, Norway; to be considered for either a sea kayak guide position or entry into KMT’s guide school attendance is mandatory.

KMT’s hiring interview & workshop is an intense 4 day interview session during which you will interact with other applicants and Kayak More Tomorrow staff in a variety of exercises that involve problem solving, teamwork, sea kayak mechanics and a little bit of public speaking, as well a brief sea kayak technical skills assessment will be conducted. It’s challenging and a lot of fun.

Apply for either a KMT sea kayak guide position or entrance to KMT’s guide school and let us know that you will be attending our 2017 guide hiring interview & workshop in Ålesund, if you cannot attend KMT’s 2017 hiring interview & workshop, then please wait to apply for the season in which you can attend.     

The cost of travel to and your stay in Ålesund during the KMT’s hiring interview & workshop is the sole responsibility of each applicant.

New this Year KMT's Hiring Interview & Workshop England!
Kayak More Tomorrow will be holding a hiring interview & workshop in England during the late winter of 2017.

If you are interested in attending our KMT hiring interview & workshop in England, then your application must be submitted to KMT a min. of 4 weeks prior to our UK hiring interview & workshop. Kayak More Tomorrow’s UK hiring interview & workshop takes place in London from March, 02 – 05, 2017


Guiding Opportunities at Kayak More Tomorrow
Kayak More Tomorrow sea kayak centers play a leading role in all aspects of the international world of sea kayaking. Our centers set the standards in trip design, customer service, instruction, guide training, equipment, safety and product innovation.

However, being a leader of the sea kayaking industry, places an extremely high burden on our guides. Guide performance on trips and at our sea kayak centres is the measure our clients use to evaluate our performance. It is therefore very important that Kayak More Tomorrow guides are the best in the industry.

Kayak More Tomorrow is seeking individuals that possess the following qualities: 
- outgoing personality with a positive outlook and attitude  
- a self-starter with the ability to see and do 
- are highly motivated to acquire new skills and abilities
- be able to work independently; also be able to work as a member of a team
- enjoy working hard in the outdoor industry of sea kayaking

Kayak More Tomorrow is seeking Guides!

Kayak More Tomorrow Sea Kayak Guide (Requires IFSKGIA Certification)
A KMT sea kayak guide is a leadership role; as such we expect that a KMT sea kayak guide has both the guiding experience and education to provide top-notch customer service while creating unforgettable paddling trips for our guests. A KMT sea kayak guide is a IFSKGIA certified sea kayak guide.

KMT Guide School 
Kayak More Tomorrow’s guide school program is your first step on the professional path to becoming a sea kayak guide; will develop your sea kayak leadership abilities, expand your knowledge, skills and experience to a professional level. So join our guide school and transform your love of the outdoors into a full time career. 

KMT’s guide school is an opportunity suited only for those who are very motivated to become an internationally certified sea kayak guide. You must be able to demonstrate intense motivation, dedication, and commitment.

KMT’s guide school is not an employment position at KMT, however with guide school commitments, self-practice sessions, and working at the center it is more than a full-time job; rest assured, this is your chance to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and become the best guide you can be through involving yourself to all aspects of the outdoor industry of sea kayaking.

If you are interested in spending a summer guiding on Norway’s majestic coast; then you should send us your resume and two professional letters of references. As we may contact the supervisors directly, please include the reference’s name, phone number and e-mail address.

Please note: Kayak More Tomorrow receives many more applications each year than we have positions to fill. It is to your advantage to submit your application as soon as possible.

Application Deadline for our 2017 season is the following:  

  • March 31st for KMT Sea Kayak guide
  • March 31st for KMT Guide School

For more information please contact Kayak More Tomorrow at: Tel: +47 91 11 80 62 or E-mail through our Contact Form


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