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Three Majestic Fjords in Norway

Kayak More Tomorrow sea kayak specialist were the first to design and operate commercial sea kayak trips along Norway's Western Fjords. Nobody knows these waterways better than us and throughout the years no other operator has run as many fjord trips as Kayak More Tomorrow.

Our season of operations on the Fjords is June/July/August/September; below is our 3 Fjords Compact Itinerary to give you an idea of what a paddling trip along the Fjords entails. If you have dreamed of paddling Norway's Western Fjords then please send us an e-mail with your proposed dates and your groups' details; keeping in mind that 6 months advanced booking is required for the Fjords.

Storfjord is a spectacular fjord surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps. Beginning near Ålesund, Storfjord cuts deep into the mountains of Sunnmøre where it divides into the smaller more dynamic fjords of Norddalsfjord, Tafjord, Sunnylvsfjord and finally the majestic waterway of Geirangerfjord. These fjords are steeped in a rich history that matches the ruggedness of the mountains through which they cut their path. In Geiranger the mountains block the sea from further penetrating Westward and the granite walls climb up 1500m to mark the gateway to the Jotunheimen. This is an area of raw beauty with snow-capped mountains, towering granite walls, mountain-ledge farms, flowering fruit trees, and quaint villages tucked into small protective bays.

The 3 Fjords Sea Kayaking Expedition is a great compact way to experience Norway’s fjords.




Arrival Day

Fly into Ålesund; after checking in to Ålesund’s best boutique hotel there is time to explore this beautiful Art Nouveau city before supper.

DAY 1 – Ålesund to Stranda

After breakfast transport to Stordal; from here we launch our sea kayaks onto Storfjord to begin our 3 fjords trip. From Stordal we aim our kayaks towards the lighthouse marking Stordals Point and after rounding the point we find our picnic spot and stop for lunch along the banks of Storfjord. Seeing the village of Stranda in the distance gives us an idea of how far we have to paddle after lunch, crossing Storfjord we cruise towards the small village. Stranda is our stop for the night with a 3 course supper and a good night’s rest at the villages’ only hotel.

DAY 2 – Stranda to Hellesylt

Fully refreshed we push off early this morning. We launch onto Storfjord and paddle to the junction of where Storfjord splits into Norddalsfjord and Sunnylvsfjord. Rounding the headland our kayaks glide down Sunnylvsfjord. Lunch today is a picnic on the banks of this seemingly endless fjord. After lunch we continue our paddle along the steep mountain walls of Sunnylvsfjord passing the mouth of Geiranger Fjord to our destination for the day the village of Hellesylt.

After landing in Hellesylt we jump into the waiting van for a short ride through one of Norway’s narrowest valleys past a submersed farm to the historic hotel in Øye where a delicious supper and god nights’ rest await.

DAY 3 – Hellesylt to Geiranger

After breakfast the van takes us back to Hellesylt and our waiting sea kayaks. Launching onto Sunnylvsfjord for the short paddle up to the mouth of Geiranger fjord. We enter Geiranger fjord where we paddle past the world famous waterfalls and mountain ledge farms: Brides Veil, Seven Sisters, Skageflå, and Knivsflå. We may choose to make the short hike up to Skageflå before continuing on to the village of Geiranger. After lunch there is just a short paddle to where hamlet of Geiranger is located at the very end of this marvellous fjord with its thundering waterfalls and abandoned farms dotting the mountain walls; it is here we end our 3 fjords journey.

After landing in Geiranger we walk the waterfall path to the Union Hotel, where you enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.


Note on Itinerary:

Itineraries are intended as guidelines only and are subject to change at the discretion of your guides due to weather and other general logistical conditions at the time of the trip. kayak more tomorrow endeavours to produce trips of consistently high quality and safety without compromise.


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