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Sea Kayak Holidays


Paddle with Norway’s original and most experienced sea kayak outfitter on a truly unsurpassed holiday adventure.  

Kayak More Tomorrow started out in the 1990's as a multi-day sea kayak trip operator, our speciality, arranging exclusive sea kayak holidays. Now, with over 20 years experience we have perfected our speciality and are excited to provide you with an exclusive, customized sea kayak holiday on Norway’s spectacular coastline.   

Kayak More Tomorrow’s sea kayak holidays are privately guided adventures; best suited for small groups or families.  Solo travelers wishing to join one of our premier holidays may hire a KMT guide  for a private guided trip.

Premier Sea Kayak Holidays by Kayak More Tomorrow
Kayak More Tomorrow is privileged to have the worlds’ best trip designer on staff; our custom designed sea kayak holidays are tailored to provide a unique perspective on both place and culture. Our dedication to excellence & safety, our unwavering efforts to make our client’s entire experience state of the art, as well our wealth of experience gives our client’s confidence that they will have a superb, worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed holiday with us.

Designed by our own sea kayak specialists our inspiring sea kayak holidays are brought to you with North American quality in service, attention to detail, and an outstanding safety record. They feature postcard-perfect landscapes, snow-capped mountains, high granite walls, waterfalls, mountain ledge farms, wildflowers, crystal clear seas, rocky coves, pine tree fringed beaches and ancient ruins amidst vibrant charming villages.

Kayak More Tomorrow offers engaging holidays along the world’s most intricate coastlines, our premier sea kayak holidays include trips through Norway’s Lofoten Islands, it's Helgeland’s Coast as part of our Nordland Challenge, along Norway’s Western Fjords, or we can tailor a custom holiday trip on a magical coastline of your dreams.

Design your own paddling holiday together with our sea kayak specialists, choose dates that best suit your travel schedule, and then have a truly remarkable time exploring incredible coastlines on superbly orchestrated adventure.   

Advanced bookings are required for our Sea Kayak Holidays!
Due the nature of our holiday trips and the high level of interest we receive in them a minimum of 6 months advanced booking is required. We are now taking reservations for our 2018 premier holidays; please keep in mind that Kayak More Tomorrow's premier holiday trips are not for budget travelers.

Book your premier holiday today by e-mailing us with your preferred trip and dates through our Contact Form

Here below you can find our classic itineraries for unforgettable memories on magical coastlines!


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