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Sea Kayaking

Experience the splendours of Ålesund and its islands on a magical sea kayaking trip with one of Kayak More Tomorrow’s Internationally Certified Guides. Come and join us for a fantastic day out and about in Norway’s most beautiful city.
For those who want to venture out on their own we have a great selection of sea kayaks in our rental fleet!
Planning a sea kayak trip - whether for a few hours or a few weeks - requires information! Where do you go? What's a good route? Where are the best campsites? What about currents? What to wear, what to bring, etc. This is where Kayak More Tomorrow comes in!
Kayak More Tomorrow is privileged to have the worlds’ best trip designer; our custom designed sea kayak holidays are tailored to provide a unique perspective on both place and culture. Our dedication to excellence & safety, our unwavering efforts to make our client’s entire experience state of the art, as well our wealth of experience gives our client’s confidence that they will have a superb, worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed holiday with us.
Kayak More Tomorrow’s Personal Trainer (PT) sessions are better value and offer a higher quality learning environment than any sea kayak courses available in Norway today.
We have room for 30+ sea kayaks. Launching directly from our boat space on the floating dock, this the perfect locate and starting point for both short and long paddling trips through Ålesund’s archipelago.


Ålesund Sea Kayak Tours

Sea Kayak & Hike We set off paddling through the intricacies of Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture, gliding past delightful stone buildings carved with beautiful art nouveau décor. Exiting Bridge Sound; crossing Asp Bay, where we round Slinning’s point and slip along down the coast of Hessa to our take out point and the trailhead to Sugar Summit. The hike up takes about 40 min. but the view is worth every step making this a highlight of the trip.  Expect to be out 5.5 hours. Art Nouveau Paddling and Sugar Summit Price: Adults:     — € 155 (per adult, 13 and over)                    Children:  — € 125  (per child, 12 and younger)  
From EUR 155
Sea Kayaking To the North of Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture Ellingsøy Fjord reveals a hidden archipelago of its own. Glide amongst the islands escaping the feel of urban paddling; a fairy-tale island promises a beautiful site for our picnic lunch. And for those who dare, there will be time for a refreshing dip in the fjord before our return paddle to the heart of the city. Expect to be out 6 hours. Nørva Sound & Islands of Ellingsøy fjord Price: Adults:    — € 170 (per adult, 13 and over) Children: — € 135 (per child, 12 and younger)
From EUR 170
Sea Kayaking Explore the intricacies between the islands that this gorgeous art nouveau city is built on. Paddling the famous Brosundet (Bridge Sound) is one of several highlights during our day’s tour through this Archipelago that make up Norway’s most beautiful city. Expect to be out 4.5 hours. Tour the Art Nouveau Archipelago Price: Adults:     — € 145 (per adult, 13 and over) Children:  — € 120 (per child, 12 and younger)  
From EUR 145
Sea Kayak & Hike Spend a full day outside, starting at the heart of Norway’s art nouveau city. Feel the ocean swells as we glide across both Borgund Fjord and Hessa fjord.  Landing at Sandvik we prepare for our hike up to the summit of Sula Mountain; the days’ highlight is reaching the summit where the panoramic vista of Ålesund and the North Atlantic are breath-taking. Expect to be out 8 hours The Ultimate Exploration Price: Adults:    — € 195 (per adult, 13 and over) Children: — € 155 (per child, 12 and younger) * Note: this is a full day trip and is suitable only for individuals in good hiking shape.  
From EUR 195


Bus tours by destination - KMT Partner

Discover Ålesund with our partner Norway Excursions AS. Our partner offers high quality tours in the city of Art Nouveau Ålesund. The Ultimate Sightseeing tour and a tour where you drive along the fjords and includes a visit to the Troll-Wall / Troll.-Road.
Discover Åndalsnes with our partner Norway Excursions AS. Our partner offers high quality tours in the city Åndalsnes. Half day tour to the Troll-Road and the Troll-Wall. Full day tour where you drive along the fjords and more.
Discover Geiranger with our partner Norway Excursions AS. Our partner offers high quality tours in the village of Geiranger. Tour to Dalsnibba/Eagle-Road, Herdal Farm and a hiking tour to Westerås.
Discover Olden with our partner Norway Excursions AS. Our partner offers high quality tours in the village of Olden. Bus tour to Briksdal glacier, full day tour to Geirangerfjord and a hiking tour to Huaren.


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