Ålesund City Walking Tour | Guided - Kayak More Tomorrow

Discover Ålesund on foot!

Postcard perfect Ålesund, Norway’s Outdoor Adventure Capital and Gate-Way to the Famous Western Fjords!

Get the inside scoop on KMT's Ålesund City Walking tour

Ålesund’s amazing story unfolds with each step as you meander through historic cobblestone streets; where your guide provides an in-depth look at Ålesund’s history from it’s ancient maritime beginnings to the famous city engulfing fire, including the frantic rebuilding during 3 hectic years at the height of Europe’s Art Nouveau ‘New Style’ craze, and right up to present day life. On your walk, you will gain insight and hear stories of the architects’ inspirations while designing the Art Nouveau facades and buildings, the cities place in the occupation of WWII and its position along the mighty Atlantic Wall, and to where Ålesund’s once mighty fishing industry has now given way to today’s important offshore industry. The highlights are many as our route takes us past Ålesund’s famous landmarks, from the delicate art nouveau architecture of Kings Street, to the historic navigational light on the city’s 160-year-old breakwater, cumulating with impressive vistas from the famous lookout on the town mountain, Aksla.


Kayak More Tomorrow's Ålesund City Walking Tour: (1.5 Hours)

Daily Departures: 10:00 – 13:00 – 16:00

All Departures start at KMT Ålesund, Notenesgata 3; it is recommended that you meet at KMT Ålesund at least 15 min. prior to the tour start

All departures will be guided in English or German

However, with advanced notice we can provide guiding in one of the following languages:
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Chinese
- Russian
- Romainian
- Norwegian  



Group size 1-3

  • Adults: (ages 13 and over)                     — € 14 (per adult)     
  • Children: (ages 12 and younger)           — € 12 (per child)

Group size 4-9

  • Adults: (ages 13 and over)                     — € 12 (per adult)     
  • Children: (ages 12 and younger)           — € 10 (per child)

Group size 10 +  

  • Adults: (ages 13 and over)                     — € 10 (per adult)     
  • Children: (ages 12 and younger)           — € 8 (per child)


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