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Bike & Kayak Ålesund's Islands

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From EUR 150

City Roads & Waterways!


Our bike and kayak combination tour is the ultimate way to discover Norway's cutest city!


Discover the intricacies of Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture as we peddle along ancient cobblestone streets discovering historical decor of bygone times. We ride over Asp Island and around the outer edge of Hessa Island passing beaches, pasturelands, and historic installations from world war II. Returning to KMT Ålesund for snacks and to change into paddle gear we launch our kayaks in Brosundet (Bridge Sound) and explore the art nouveau architecture from the water's perspective. The highlights are many and the photo opts. numerous during our ride and paddle through Norway’s most beautiful city. Expect to be out 4,5 hours (2 hours - sea kayaking and 2 hours - biking).


Adults: (ages 13 and over)           — € 150 (per adult)       
Children: (ages 12 and younger)  — € 120  (per child)

From EUR 150

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Picture-perfect Ålesund is the gate-way city to Norway’s Western Fjords.  It is situated on an archipelago that stretches into the North Atlantic with the majestic Sunnmøre Alps providing a spectacular backdrop for Ålesund and its art nouveau architecture.

Our guided bike & Kayak tours are the best way to discover Ålesund and uncover its hidden treasures; as well our tours have no negative environmental impact on Ålesund and its surroundings. Riding and paddling through Ålesund will reveal its secret treasures as you immerse yourself in the history and culture of this spectacular city.

Experience the splendours of Ålesund a magical bike & kayak tour with one of Kayak More Tomorrow’s expert bike guides. Come and join us for a fantastic day out and about in Norway’s most beautiful city.



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