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The Big One Got Away! Fish, Ålesund's Famous Borgund Fjord.


South East of Ålesund’s Art Nouveau City Centre lies the famous Borgund Fjord; it is here that the ancient cod fishery still flourishes to this day. We launch our kayaks on the fabulous Brosundet and glide past the spectacular art nouveau architecture before paddling out into this amazing fjord; where our expert guides lead you to their favourite and highly secret fishing spots. Expect to be out 3.5 hours.


Sea Kayak Fishing Price:

Adults: (ages 13 and over)               — € 130 (per adult)  
Children: (ages 12 and younger)      — € 105 (per child) 

From EUR 130

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Picture-perfect Ålesund is the gate-way city to Norway’s Western Fjords.  It is situated on an archipelago that stretches into the North Atlantic with the majestic Sunnmøre Alps providing a spectacular backdrop for Ålesund and its art nouveau architecture.

Our guided day trips are the best way to experience Ålesund on a close and personal level and the only trips available in Ålesund that have no environmental impact on its intricate waterways. We will take you to Ålesund’s secret treasures where you can immerse yourself in the history and culture of this spectacular city.

Experience the splendours of Ålesund and its islands on a magical sea kayaking trip with one of kayak more tomorrow’s Internationally Certified Guides. Come and join us for a fantastic day out and about in Norway’s most beautiful city.


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